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Dinkel's Bakery

3329 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago  Illinois  60657
United States
(773) 281-7300
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Midwest Living Review

Kate Silver
The quintessential bakery also serves up quintessential chocolate-covered doughnuts (and bacon maple doughnuts, if you're feeling a little edgy).

Dinkel's is the quintessential classic bakery. Located on busy Lincoln Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood, marked by a glowing neon sign and Art Deco facade, the bakery's name is known throughout Chicago and equated with deliciousness. Since 1922, four generations of the Dinkel family have passed down their recipes and shared their creations with the hungry public. Those recipes deliver some of the best doughnuts in town. Dinkel's has an impressive variety -- raspberry Bismarcks, custard Bismarcks, long johns, cinnamon doughnuts, powdered sugar doughnuts and the list goes on (we almost missed a number of options because they're hidden so well behind the counter). The showstopper is the chocolate covered doughnut ($1.19). One bite, and you've tasted a legend. Dripping with thick, fudgy chocolate, each doughnut feels like it weighs a pound, and tastes like an unforgettable slab of birthday cake -- for breakfast. The bacon maple ($2.09, Saturday only) is another standout. This is a relatively new addition to the menu and serves as an indication that the family wants to stay modern while embracing its classic charm. The confection is smoky, sweet and just plain good. The bacon wafts through your nose before the first bite, and is a flashback to mom's eau de bacon waking you on a Saturday morning. Slathered with a sweet maple sauce atop a cake doughnut, this single pastry combines the sweet, the savory and the divine. Show up early at Dinkel's to avoid the line, or just weather it. Whatever you get will be worth the wait.

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