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Cookie Bar

2475 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago  Illinois  60614
United States
(773) 348-0300
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    - Karen Sorensen
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    - Karen Sorensen

Midwest Living Review

The Cookie Bar is part bakery, part cookie cafe, selling close to two dozen changing varieties in a storefront meant to conjure up the groovy 1970s.

The concept behind the Cookie Bar is a good one -- who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie at 11 on a Saturday night? -- but the execution is not quite there yet for this Lincoln Park-based store. They sell two dozen varieties, including vegan and gluten-fee options, and while the traditional -- chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar -- fare well, the more adventurous options (caramelized banana, jalapeno chocolate) don't quite hit the mark. Cookies cost $1.25 each or $12 for a dozen. You can buy them to go or grab a seat along the window to people watch while you indulge. You might want to bring some milk with you because the Cookie Bar offers only cartons of organic whole and shots of coconut or almond milk. None of them quite get the job done.We love the Cookie Bar's vision of marrying their business with a cheesy '70s theme. How can you not like chairs shaped like plastic hands and acrylic barstools? But it, too, doesn't quite work because you just can't mix the cheesy early '70s with the disco and "Charlie's Angels" that came later. They'd be far better off committing to one or the other, and then going over the top with it.

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