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Chicago's Soupbox and Icebox

This restaurant does a cool switcheroo: It serves soups part of the year and then switches to Italian ices.

Thanks to reader Betty Burnham, we went to Soupbox in Chicago. We hadn’t heard of this concept before, but it seems to work: Soupbox serves 12 homemade soups each day for nine months, then, on Memorial Day weekend, one of the business’s two locations switches its name to Icebox and serves Icyfruit, all-fruit Italian ices, until Labor Day.

The soup menu changes every day, but popular options include fresh tomato basil bisque, beef stew, lobster bisque, and broccoli and white cheddar. Our chicken and wild rice could’ve used a bit more chicken (the server almost seemed to skim broth without digging that ladle down deep); still, our bowl was packed with flavor. And the River North location was full at 2 p.m. on a chilly Saturday afternoon.

You can try the soup—and Icyfruit during the summer—at 2943 N. Broadway St. in Lakeview. Soupbox at 50 E. Chicago Ave. in River North sells soup and salad year-round. The website lists the daily menu for both restaurants ( 

(A version of this story appeared in Midwest Living® November/December 2012.  Prices, dates, and other details are subject to change, so please check specifics before making travel plans.)


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