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Artopolis Bakery, Cafe & Agora

306 S. Halsted St.
Chicago  Illinois  60661
United States
(312) 559-9000
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    - Robert Loerzel
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    - Robert Loerzel

Midwest Living Review

Robert Loerzel
Artopolis is a casual, order-at-the-counter Greektown restaurant with a bakery, wine shop and bar.

In ancient Greece, an "agora" was a marketplace or a square where people gathered. Artopolis, which opened in 1999, aims to be a similar sort of meeting place in today's Greektown. This clean, attractive space is several things at once: bakery, wine shop, bar and casual restaurant. Artopolis has two levels of tables along the windows facing Halsted Street, offering a nice spot to gaze outside while dining or enjoying a drink. As far as the restaurant goes, it's not as fancy as some of Greektown's other popular places: You order at the counter here, and the staff brings the meal out to your table. However, the food is artfully arranged on the plates like dishes from a high-end restaurant. Sandwiches are under $10, and so are the house specialties -- the Artopita, a freshly baked sort of potpie with a flaky crust. A few entrees are available, including roasted lamb, which is served in thin, juicy slices alongside rosemary potatoes and briami (oven-roasted vegetables), all quite tasty. The bakery is extensive, filling one wall of Atropolis with display cases and shelves filled with fresh loaves of bread and a variety of cakes and cookies. At Christmastime, treats include melomakarona (soft, gooey cookies with cinnamon and honey) and kourabiedes (butter cookies covered with powdered sugar). The kourabiedes at Atropolis tend to be crunchy, unlike the softer variety for sale down the street at Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop, but both varieties are addictive.

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