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Papa Del's Pizza Factory

206 E. Green St.
Champaign  Illinois  61820
United States
(217) 359-7700
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    - Robert Loerzel
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    - Richard Swearinger

Midwest Living Review

Robert Loerzel
Everyone will enjoy the pizza here, but only alums and students will rave about it.

Papa Del's has a reputation for fantastic pizza. Students and alumni of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana spread the word about deep-dish pizzas of golden crusts filled with herby red saucy and molten cheese (smalls start at $9.80, plus toppings). The thin crust (smalls start at $9.05, plus toppings) leans more toward hand-tossed thickness, but it, too, wears that oregano-y sauce and melty and browned cheese. Take our advice and order your pizza before you leave home so that it is done soon after your arrival; otherwise it is a 45-minute wait for a deep-dish pizza. Of course that wait indicates they are cooking your pie to order, which makes it difficult to complain. (And the wait would give you time to try the popular bread sticks.) The drink selection is pretty standard for college-town budgets: six beers on tap, some wines and sodas. There are a couple of other Italian entrees on the menu--on the off chance you didn't come for pizza. But it is the consummate pizza joint: well-used wood tables and chairs fill three rooms; a couple of murals and a fireplace hint at ambience. Look past the slightly scruffy interior (and the weedy exterior) and you'll find worthwhile pizza. Because, really, the feel of the place comes from hanging with friends sharing a made-to-order, fresh-from-the-oven pizza.

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