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Murphy's Pub

604 E. Green St.
Champaign  Illinois  61820
United States
(217) 352-0533
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    - Robert Loerzel
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    - Robert Loerzel

Midwest Living Review

With its graffiti-scratched tables and juicy cheeseburgers, Murphy's has more character than the typical campus bar.

Unlike the typical campus watering hole, Murphy's Pub has a sense of history and character. Maybe it's all the graffiti scratched into the wood tables and booths: Almost every square inch is covered. Or maybe it's the green shades on the lamps hanging from the ceiling. Whatever the reason, Murphy's is the sort of bar where folks tend to sit in groups and talk over beers rather than dancing or prowling for potential dates. Adults who are years past college age should consider stopping into Murphy's if they're looking for a campus spot to drink or eat where they won't feel too out of place. (See Legends for another option.) The beer selection isn't amazing, but it does go a bit beyond Miller and Bud, including options like Harp, 312, Guinness and Smithwick's. The kitchen makes a big, sloppy and tasty cheeseburger, among other things. Murphy's is bigger than it used to be, almost doubling in size by expanding into the adjacent storefront. The tables in the new section aren't carved up as much as the old ones, but the graffiti scratching is underway. The hamburgers and other sandwiches are under $10.

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