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Get Lost in These Midwest Corn Mazes

As if pulling off huge harvests and supplying food to the world wasn't enough, Midwest farmers also have an artsy side. Elaborate corn mazes put their design skills on full display. Bonus: Navigating through one is a crazy-fun way to spend an autumn afternoon.

Bucky Badger of UW-Madison fame appears in the Enchanted Valley Acres corn maze, just in time for football season. The Cross Plains, Wisconsin destination also has a pick-your-own-pumpkin patch, a giant slide and an obstacle rope maze.

South of Cleveland is a piece of not-so-buried treasure: Ramseyer Farms and its pirate-themed maze. Photo courtesy of Aaron Bontrager.

Treinen Farm north of Madison, Wisconsin, partnered with the University of Wisconsin Geology Museum to present a maze depicting the state fossil, a trilobite. The museum will display actual trilobites just outside the entrance. Photo courtesy of Angie Treinen.

Treinen Farm

University of Minnesota's Goldy Gopher won't be the only one with a toothy smile on September 30, the day of the Rock River Pumpkin Festival in Edgerton, Minnesota. Compete in the pumpkin flinging contest before taking a ride out to the mascot-inspired corn maze, which remains open two weeks after the festival. Photo courtesy of Leon, Cynthia and Seth Spronk.

Rock River Pumpkin Festival

 Harvestville Farm in Donnellson, Iowa promises visitors 40 acres of pumpkins and gourds, fresh-baked fall treats and a 10-acre corn maze.

This Nebraska-pride maze opens the third Sunday of September, along with Camp Fontanelle's Annual Fall Festival and BBQ. Kids will enjoy the 350-foot zipline leading to a petting zoo. Photo courtesy of Camp Fontanelle.

The corn maze at Govin's Farm in Menomonie, Wisconsin celebrates pollinators. After guests find their way out of the 11-acre maze, they can snack on kettle corn and mini doughnuts.


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Bloomsbury Farm's six-acre design welcomes visitors to the S.P.O.R.T.S. Relationship Conference, an annual meeting for sporting event planners that will be held in nearby Cedar Rapids, Iowa this year. But everyone is welcome to explore the maze, grab a gourd from the area's largest pumpkin patch and try a round of paintball. Photo courtesy of Bloomsbury Farm.

Bloomsbury Farm



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