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Trips for Your Mind

Whether you're logical or intuitive, you'll appreciate this look at vacation ideas tailored for the tastes of both left- and right-brainers.


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    The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space <br>Center in Hutchison, Kansas.
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    Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation at <br>Dillman's Bay Resort, Lac du <br>Flambeau, Wisconsin.

Quiz: Which Side of the Brain to Travel With


Don’t know if you’re a more logic-driven, left-brain tourist or an intuitive, right-brain traveler? Take our quick quiz to find out which hemisphere you call home.

1. You think of packing for a trip as: A. Unnecessary planning that just clutters your life. B. Something best done in a huff before high-tailing it to the airport. C. An exercise in efficiency. D. An underappreciated art form; as long as there are plastic zip-top bags involved.

2. Your favorite suitcase looks like: A. Um, suitcase? B. An antique tweed bag covered in stickers from around the globe. C. A black carry-on distinguishable only by the address tag. D. A reinforced metal briefcase with fingerprint-activated lock.

3. You absolutely can’t leave on a vacation without bringing your: A. Travel-size scrapbooking kit. B. Noise-canceling headphones. C. Book of crossword puzzles. D. International atomic alarm clock.

4. When putting together a schedule, you: A. Freak out because "schedule" isn’t in your vocabulary. B. Pick a couple of activities per day but leave room to explore. C. Rank activities by interest, educational value and distance from the hotel. D. Always remember to add in 2.4 minutes per hour for bathroom breaks.

5. In a hurry, you get on the wrong bus, and you: A. Scream like a 6-year-old girl. B. Decide to take a ride and see what happens. C. Quickly assess the schedule and determine the next stop and return bus. D. Locate yourself using GPS and call for a cab.

6. Driving toward Fargo, North Dakota, you see a sign for Darwin, Minnesota, home of the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. You: A. Slam on the brakes "Dukes of Hazzard"-style and head for that mound of string. B. Ponder the Zen-like dedication it would take to wind so much material. C. Have an urge to measure it. D. Grunt in acknowledgement and then say, "Hey, we gotta stay on schedule, people! "

7. When you say "This is God's country, " you’re looking at: A. A small cabin by a lake. B. The Milwaukee Art Museum. C. The Mall of America. D. Chicago.s Museum of Science and Industry.

8. Looking down a street full of hotels, you: A. Go for the "rustic" hostel with "all those interesting people" out front. B. Choose the modern one because you love its sleek design. C. Find a sensible hotel with reasonable rates. D. Scoff in superiority because you booked a room at a bed-and-breakfast six months ago.

9. An exotic meal for you means: A. Eating something that just might still be alive. B. Trying a popular regional dish though you’re unsure what it is. C. Finding an old favorite with a new twist. D. Ordering McDonald’s in a different language.

10. You’re on a guided tour of an art museum. You choose to: A. Wander off like a puppy without a leash. B. Only seriously look at those works that hit you at gut level. C. Consider the detail and technique of each canvas. D. Ask questions or take notes like you’re prepping for the SAT.

11. Your wallet gets stolen on your trip, so you: A. Shrug it off. Money is just a construct of a capitalist society trying to keep you caged. B. Start singing show tunes for cash in the subway. C. Call the police and hope for a miracle. D. Kiss the American Express agent when he brings you your new traveler’s checks.

12. When you utter, "I can.t believe we’re actually at this place, " you’re: A. Buying bulk food at Wright City, Missouri's, Elvis Is Alive Museum and Wholesale Grocer. B. Staring at Arcola, Illinois', "Hippie Memorial. " C. In Lebanon, Kansas, at the geographic center of the lower 48 states. D. At the Degenhart Paperweight Museum in Ohio.

13. When you buy a souvenir, you look for a: A. Colorful tie-dyed T-shirt made by local children to benefit needy charities. B. Handcrafted frame to hold your favorite photo from the vacation. C. Book that details the history of the region. D. Slide rule with the resort’s logo on it.

14. A vacation is a chance for you to: A. Relax and discover yourself. B. Explore a new place. C. Learn something while also having fun. D. Test the range of your wireless connection.

15. A perfect vacation evening includes: A. Dancing on the bar of a local pub. B. Tickets to a musical. C. A quiet dinner and a family Scrabble tournament. D. Curling up with a glass of Merlot and a guidebook.

Now it’s time to tally the results. Al worth 1 point each. Bl worth 2 points each. Cl worth 3 points each. Dl worth 4 points each. Add them up.

If your total score is between: 15-25: You’re so right-brained that you probably haven’t added up your quiz score. 26-37: You’re a right-brained free spirit who knows that limits aren’t all bad. 38-49: You’re a left-brainer willing to take a chance. 50-60: You’re so left-brained, Spock worships you. 



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