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Trips for Your Mind

Whether you're logical or intuitive, you'll appreciate this look at vacation ideas tailored for the tastes of both left- and right-brainers.


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    The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space <br>Center in Hutchison, Kansas.
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    Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation at <br>Dillman's Bay Resort, Lac du <br>Flambeau, Wisconsin.

Right Brain Traits


RIGHT BRAIN So, what’s going to happen, Day 1, of your next vacation? You’re not sure? Perfect. Then your right-brain-friendly adventure is ready to begin. If you have learned anything from life, it’s that you can’t always plan the experiences, surprises and those one-of-a-kind moments that stay with you for a lifetime. Of course, it takes a little planning to get started. You need to pin down the destination, the beginning and end dates and how you’ll get there and back. But the key to a vacation tailored for the right side of the brain is allowing plenty of free time and space for unscripted discoveries. The right-sider admittedly craves emotion. Living in the moment. Finding surprises. And knowing that sometimes, a journey can offer as many memories as the destination itself.

Traveling right-side-style means trusting your intuition, being inventive and creative and enjoying the company of others while savoring the freedom to explore alone. If you happen to write down a daily agenda, it.s full of wonderfully empty blocks of time. Those detail-oriented left-brainers might call it a little careless; you call it carefree.

Some people just don’t get that there’s an art to doing nothing. Its payoff is feeling stress fall away as you drift into the soft rhythm brought on by a cool pool, warm sun and chats with fellow sunbathers over a frosty beverage.

When the time feels right to get moving, craft demonstrations and workshops are a draw, as well as tours of local landmarks. Why not? These are chances to meet and enjoy new people and new things.

On your trips, passion is always ready to grab the reins. Who cares if you’ve stood on the same cliff overlooking the same lake a dozen times before? It reminds you of that scene in your favorite movie, and that’s reason enough to hike back up there. Goosebumps are, after all, worth going out of your way for.

An art museum is a no-brainer for the right-brainer. Wander out of the lobby; get to know the painters at your own pace and, hey, doesn’t that sunlight on the floor look a lot like a Whistler work? Get up-close to contemplate the light resting on Claude Monet’s water lilies or Edgar Degas’ dancers.

And it’s not like science and space museums are off-limits. Dr. Selden Beatty, a neurologist at the McFarland Institute in Ames, Iowa, says a right-brainer’s emotional bent can even provide a learning advantage. Take spaceflight: Beatty says "right-brainers can fantasize the emotions of an astronaut. " Translation? Connecting with the exhilaration astronauts feel during a launch or hurtling through space helps make the facts about spaceflight seem more real and memorable.

If you need to keep some lefties in your travel party happy, try a bookstore. It’s a place where the People of Logic and the People of Emotion happily co-exist. Poetry for you; history for them. Cafe latte and comfy chairs shall bring you together.

Just don't worry too much about the clock. There’s always time to head outside and feel the wind. Sample an ice-cream cone. Take a side trip to discover a new shop. Find a great mom-and-pop restaurant and indulge in their signature pie. Snap photos of the beautiful vistas for your scrapbook waiting at home. And if you feel like it, why not stop by the tennis court? You’ll probably find someone else who just showed up, hoping to find a game. It’s what vacation is all about.



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