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Tasty Midwest Hot Dog Shops

Americans eat 7 billion hot dogs each summer. Make your dog the best in class with these tasty combos from Midwest frank shops!
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Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace in Columbus tucks beef dogs, spicy corn relish and a dash of celery salt in a poppy seed bun. (614) 824-4673; dirtyfrankscolumbus.com

Chili dog

Wichita’s restaurant And the Wiener Is … closed recently, but you can pay tribute with this tasty signature from its menu: cheddar, chili, onion and a halo of dills on an all-beef frank.

Chicago-style Dog

One Stop Coney Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, dishes the classic: tomato, sweet relish, dill spears, mustard and hot peppers. One bite, and you can almost hear the crowd at Wrigley Field. (616) 233-9700; onestopconeyshop.com

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lsillers wrote:
What edition of Midwest Living was "Tasty Midwest Hot Dog Shops" from? I know I read the article in my magazine, but when looking back, I cannot find the article?
crichton1 wrote:
Hi, Midwest Living here. The original story, called "Hot Diggity Dog!" ran on p. 14 of the August 2012 Midwest Living.

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