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10 Unbelievably Cute Pets You've Got to Follow on Instagram

We've always known extraordinary people live in the Midwest. Now, thanks to Instagram, we're meeting some im-paws-ibly cute pets, too.

Lil Bub | @iamlilbub

Bub may be a “magical space cat,” according to her Instagram bio, but her story embodies a distinct Midwestern toughness. She was diagnosed with dwarfism and other medical issues, but her spunky attitude and cute face have earned her 1.6 million followers on Instagram. Fame hasn’t made Bub forget her roots; she’s raised $300,000 for pets with special needs.


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Piper | @airportk9

This 9-year old border collie is part of the wildlife control team at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan. He chases birds away from aircrafts during lift-off to make sure they don’t get stuck in plane engines. More than 58,000 people follow his important work on Instagram (learn more about Piper here).


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Bauer the Golden Retriever | @bowwow_bauer_thegolden

With a smile like that, it’s no wonder Bauer has more than 52,000 faithful followers. The photogenic golden retriever lives in Chicago and appears to be extremely huggable.

Country Girl Cricket | @evys_mom

Cricket explores Wisconsin with her owner, Jennifer Luedtke, but she’s truly at home on the family farm. The 2-year-old border collie is obviously photogenic, but it appears that she’s also good at making friends, like these two ducklings (learn more about Cricket here).


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Pudge the Cat | @pudgethecat

“I’m a girl & my moustache is more fabulous than yours.” We love Pudge’s catchphrase, as well as her ability to pull off this daring Yoda-ear outfit. Join 675,000 followers for cute videos of the Exotic Shorthair from Minnesota.


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Manny the Frenchie | @manny_the_frenchie

Manny the Frenchie’s huge smile and strange napping positions (his favorite spot to sleep is the sink) brought him Instagram fame. Chicago’s favorite French bulldog has also “written” a book and raised money for organizations like the ASPCA and the Special Olympics.

Cupcake | @cupcake.the.pom

This cute little Pomeranian has more Insta followers than her dad, which is pretty impressive; he’s Mitch Schwartz, a right tackle on the Kansas City Chiefs. Cupcake splits her time between Kansas City and Los Angeles, but we know she’s a 100 percent Midwestern girl at heart.


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Wesley the Dread Pirate Roberts | @wesley_the_pirate_cat

Wesley doesn’t have a ship, but he’s still found a way to sail into our hearts. Don’t be intimidated by the Iowa-based feline’s snarl; he’s actually a huge softie.


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Koda the Husky | @koda_siberian_husky

Koda was destined to be a model; just look at those wolfish good looks. No wonder the Siberian husky from Missouri has garnered so much Internet attention.


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Mojito Rose | @mojito_rose

The Ohio-based golden retriever is a therapy dog and bandana model. Catch her chilling with other furry friends, like this kitten named Skywalker. 


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