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Your Photos: Midwest Lakes and Rivers

Great lakes, tiny ponds, mighty rivers and modest streams. No matter the size of the water, Midwesterners feel drawn to its restorative powers. Click through these photos, posted by users, celebrating the Midwest's shimmering lakes and rivers. Then share your own photos!

King of the dune

Submitted by: alofs

Comment by alofs: Nothing beats king of the hill (or sand dune) in front of a million-dollar sunset.


Bridal Veil Falls

Submitted by: tomandjulie1

Comment by tomandjulie1: Bridal Veil Falls in South Dakota.

Bridge to the falls

Submitted by: hkt2008

Comment by hkt2008: This photo, Bridge to the Falls, was taken at Hocking Hills, Ohio. This is a very beautiful area of Ohio with many beautiful waterfalls and lush nature trails. A lovely place to visit and take beautiful photos!

Morning fog

Submitted by: terrymc4

Comment by terrymc4: An early angler silhouettes the rising fog of a Wisconsin lake.


Submitted by: treasuretomal

Comment by treasuretomal: This little girl and her mother were watching the boats along Lake Michigan in Chicago. They spoke no English, but understood that I wanted to take a picture. This was my favorite one.

Full moon over Put-In-Bay

Submitted by: rjadams

Comment by rjadams: This is the full moon coming up over Put-In-Bay, Ohio. Put-In-Bay is on South Bass Island on the western end of Lake Erie. My brother and I sail for a few days annually from the bay.

King of the dune

Submitted by: alofs

Comment by alofs: Nothing beats king of the hill (or sand dune) in front of a million-dollar sunset.


Submitted by: terrymc4

Comment by terrymc4: Rounding a bend on a kayak, bordering the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, I crossed paths with this magnificent moose.

Pond frog

Submitted by: jrader13

Comment by jrader13: Frog in Simpson Garden pond (Bowling Green, Ohio).

Heaven on Earth

Submitted by: ljtheodore

Comment by ljtheodore: Early morning fog hid the opposite shore, sun coming over the hill -- a peaceful morning.


Submitted by: sheilaaugustine

Comment by sheilaaugustine: There's nothing better for our children and their friends than tubing at "the lake" in Minnesota. Sometimes it's more fun jumping off the tube than trying to stay on!

Smith Falls

Submitted by: dmolson3

Comment by dmolson3: One of our family's favorite places to enjoy a summer vacation is tubing down the Niobrara River near Valentine, Nebraska. At the end of a hot day, we end our trip at Smith Falls State Park. A half-mile trail leads you back into an area where the air temperature drops rapidly and a cool mist from the waterfall begins to hit your face before you have even arrived at the falls. Smith Falls is the highest waterfall in Nebraska and a very pretty location.

Cloud fishing

Submitted by: dflemming36

Comment by dflemming36: Taken in Lenexa, Kansas, just before a big rainstorm.

A summer reed

Submitted by: terrymc4

Comment by terrymc4: A peaceful morning paddle in northern Wisconsin.


Submitted by: nuisance2

Comment by nuisance2: Peace and quiet in the North Woods. Mercer, Wisconsin.

Lovin' the beach

Submitted by: pgcleland

Comment by pgcleland: Playing on the Lake Huron beach in Harrisville, Michigan--our favorite summer destination!

Sylvan Lake, South Dakota

Submitted by: cbroshar1

Comment by cbroshar1: My favorite of Custer State Park's lakes; it was created in the 1930s.

Fishermen in the early morning mist

Submitted by: gustafdaughter

Comment by gustafdaughter: This is on a small lake in the North Woods of Wisconsin. They are next to an island on the lake.


Submitted by: baxter-james

Comment by baxter-james: View of Ohio River from inside Cave-In-Rock at Shawneetown, Illinois.

Sound the deep waters

Submitted by: joshua_osborn

Comment by joshua_osborn: This photo was taken at the beautiful Rawson's Mill in southern Michigan, also known as River Country. This is a tranquil and idyllic place to take a few moments out of a hectic day to be contemplative, take walk or have picnic! It is beautiful, remote and peaceful.

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