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Your Photos: Midwest Barns

Midwesterners love barns -- symbols of our farming heritage. Check out some of the barn photos posted by users, and share your own photos!
  • Bales and barn

    Submitted by: terrymc4
    Comment from terrymc4: Moonrise at sunset in rural Wisconsin.

  • Grant Wood barn

    Submitted by: nyoungbauer
    Comment from nyoungbauer: This barn is along highway 30 near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  • Sunset on the farm

    Submitted by: gthorsepower7
    Comment from gthorsepower7: Brilliant colors emerge as the sun sets on an old corn crib.

  • Family barn, North Dakota

    Submitted by: isst
    Comment from isst: The old family barn, built by "Onkel Peter" from Norway. My aunt and uncle farmed here; my cousin still owns the farm. Notice the flags -- USA and Norway.

  • Snowy round barn

    Submitted by: prkrsm
    Comment from prkrsm: One of Indiana's round barns.

  • Historical barn

    Submitted by: null
    Comment from null: Historical barn in Leelanau County, Michigan.

  • Twin barns

    Submitted by: ajoannasue
    Comment from ajoannasue: Red barn, sunny day.

  • Fall barn reflections

    Submitted by: Toxicroller
    Comment from Toxicroller: Cranberry Hills Farm in Zimmerman, Minnesota. Just a short drive from the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities.

  • Red barn

    Submitted by: acadia3
    Comment from acadia3: This is one of the beautiful barns in Missouri.

  • Wisconsin barn

    Submitted by: ellenprather95
    Comment from ellenprather95: My husband and I like to drive around Wisconsin on weekends. This barn is near Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Sunday drive

    Submitted by: neisi006
    Comment from neisi006: A barn in the country, from my hometown.

  • Corn-buried barn

    Submitted by: hckypeanut
    Comment from hckypeanut: Where's the barn?

  • Family farm barn

    Submitted by: aexline546?
    Comment from aexline546?: This is a photo of the barn on our family farm in Davis County, Iowa. This is what I think of when I think of the Midwest, family farms.

  • Round barn in fall

    Submitted by: bjohnson138
    Comment from bjohnson138: Round barn, Jackson, Wisconsin.

  • Henze family corncrib

    Submitted by: bstonebrook
    Comment from bstonebrook: Henze family corncrib barn quilt ("Hens & Chicks") located in Holland, Iowa. This corncrib was built in 1955.

  • Weathered barn

    Submitted by: b_streier
    Comment from b_streier: An abandoned barn west of Watertown, South Dakota.

  • Old red barn

    Submitted by: chemingson
    Comment from chemingson: In the landscape all over the Midwest, you'll see old barns that hold memories from generations past. This one is outside of Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Farm life

    Submitted by: bmead00
    Comment from bmead00: Barn near Boone Farm in Missouri.

  • Beyond the gate

    Submitted by: jleebeme
    Comment from jleebeme:This old barn is beautifully set back away from the road. Taken in the south central part of Kansas.

  • Indiana barns

    Submitted by:kasprunger
    Comment from erikasprunger: Indiana landscape increasingly becoming dotted with windmills.

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