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12 Favorite Photos from MyMidwest 2009

Click through to see the top reader photos from our 2009 MyMidwest contest. The overall winners are at the end!
  • Climbing clematis heaven

    Submitted by: mcobb10

    Comment by mcobb10: My grandson, Colt, loves to play amongst the plants and trees in my backyard. Here he is hiding in the climbing clematis.

  • Kayaks waiting for a ride

    Submitted by: gustafdaughter

  • Childhood dreams

    Submitted by: dmolson3

    Comment by dmolson3: My daughter fixes her gaze on an extraordinary rainbow over our back pasture near Vermillion, South Dakota.

  • Are you both listening to me?

    Submitted by : gustafdaughter

    Comment by gustafdaughter: These male and female bluebirds were drawn to the thawed water I had for them on a very, very cold day. I wonder what the one in back is saying...

  • Under Kansas skies 2

    Submitted by: gitzy.loder

    Comment by gitzy.loder: Hiawatha, Kansas.

  • Jump!

    Submitted by: backenkeller

    Comment by backenkeller; Boys jumping in the lake.

  • King of the dune

    Submitted by: alofs

    Comment by alofs: Nothing beats king of the hill (or sand dune) in front of a million-dollar sunset.

  • A Christmas Wish

    Submitted by: terrymc4

    Comment by terrymc4: A warmer time exhibiting reds and greens.

  • Children in the fountain

    Submitted by: graphicbytes

    Comment by graphicbytes: Children playing in the fountain at Millennium Park, Chicago.

  • Thistle

    Submitted by: troyhillman

    Comment by troyhillman: A photo taken in the backyard field of the home I grew up in. Close-up of a thistle plant in mid-fall 2009.

  • Young explorers

    Readers' Choice Grand Prize Winner

    Submitted by: terrymc4

    Comment by terrymc4: Three young cousins explore a young cornfield near Dodgeville, Wisconsin, during a family get together.

  • The end of the trail

    Editors' Choice Grand Prize Winner

    Submitted by: jigglestaro

    Comment by jigglestaro: 33.5 miles from Kalamazoo to South Haven, Michigan, in October.

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