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For the Love of Barns

Jane Fiala pulls over for barns. The self-proclaimed barn hunter regularly escapes from her suburban Minneapolis home and hits the backroads of Minnesota to capture the perfect scene of her favorite subject. “I give no thought to where I am, sometimes getting lost and needing to use GPS to find my way home," she says. "Along the way, I’ve had farm dogs chase me, wood ticks crawling on me, and I’ve had to call AAA to pull me out of snowy ditches. It’s all to get the shot.

10 Ways to Show Friends You Care on Valentine's Day

My friends mean the world to me. At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, these are ladies I’ve road-tripped, carpooled, celebrated and vented with. That deserves a little something!

1) Set up a GNO—a Girl’s Night Over. Invite your besties to your house for conversation and cocktails. Whip up a batch of drinks, settle on the couch and catch up!

Top 5 Instagram Photos for January

Even though most of the Midwest got only a dusting of snow in January, our Instagrammers loved the beauty of frosty landscapes and the winter sky. The five most-liked photos of the month:

 "This is why we endure our long, cold Michigan winters," wrote @tara12891 ( A spectacular shot of the South Haven, Michigan lighthouse! 

7 Tips for Styling Shelves

Our home has four sets of built-in shelves. Luckily, bookshelves are one of my favorite things to decorate because they offer a chance to display what you love in a way that adds character and depth to a space. I've picked up a few tricks along the way as I've carefully filled each nook and cranny with items that are beautiful, meaningful and functional.


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