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FALLelujah! 3 Outdoor Displays to Celebrate the Season

FALLelujah! FALLelujah! Admit it. You’re singing the song in your head right now. How can you not? Monday marks the official start of autumn and I, for one, am ready. Fall is my favorite time of year. Brightly colored leaves, crisp morning air and hot apple cider usher in the season. But to me, nothing marks the transition from summer to fall more than changing out the decor on a home’s entrance. Here are three ways to decorate outside for fall right now—along with easy changes to add a touch of Halloween flair in October.

10 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with This Wisconsin Dog

We know Midwesterners love their pets, so when we stumbled across this adorable Instagram feed of a Wisconsin border collie named Cricket, we just had to share. Cricket's owner Jennifer Luedtke, who works for her family's logging business, says the 2-year-old dog is a natural ham. Jennifer takes her camera—and Cricket—on everyday adventures around rural Amery, Wisconsin (60 miles northeast of Minneapolis, Minnesota).

5 Midwest Art Fair Finds

Fueled by a local craft brew and an overflowing gyro from a food stand, I wandered from tent to art-filled tent at the downtown 2014 Des Moines Arts Festival. Pastel paintings of gorgous florals, curvy glass-blown vases and, yes, even sculptures of copper wire rabbits on bikes caught my attention as I weaved through the laid-back crowd. (I could picture the painting and vase in my living room; the wire rabbit—not so much.) But like works in a museum, they were all fun to see.

Why Woody and Buzz Love the Midwest

Who would you rank as Hollywood’s greatest best-friend pairings? Butch & Sundance? Thelma & Louise? It doesn’t take long to reach Woody & Buzz. Pixar’s Toy Story franchise has now enchanted a couple of generations with the angsty cowboy and his idealistic astronaut pal. And it turns out that the Grammy-winning musical soundtrack to their partnership springs from a handful of Midwest kids whose own big imaginations rode off in a cowboy direction right on the shores of the Great Lakes.


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