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Snuggle in with Winter-Warming Decor

The frigid blasts of another Midwest winter have us burrowing into cushiony coats and blankets. Indulge in decorating that warms you, too.

Dining room warmth

Warm up a dining room with a to-the-floor matelasse bed coverlet "tablecloth" topped with a knit throw. Replace summer window dressings with cold-blocking chenille panels. Dress up dining room chairs with seat cushions and suede pillows.

Wiggle-your-toes comfort

A deep, thick wool pile rug feels soft underfoot, but it's even better for lounging on. Wiggle your toes in its lush warmth.

Touchable abundance

In the bedroom, hang a folded blanket over your headboard and layer your bed with touchable abundance: flannel sheets, a lamb's-wool blanket, a feather comforter inside a flannel duvet, and a fringed chenille throw. Keep the chill out with thick corduroy curtain panels.

Exotic warmth

Curl up with a best-seller and heat up your reading area with exotic warmth: a leather shag rug and faux leopard-skin pillow. A fringed cashmerelike silk throw will caress you.

Tabletop grouping

Top a sideboard with a textural throw, then add a warm grouping, such as lanterns. These protective containers make it easy to add safe visual warmth (and a little romance) from candles to your winter rooms, day or night.

A long winter's night

Weather a long winter's night with a quilted bed skirt, gentle lamb's-wool blanket, soft mohair throw and thick flokati rug.

Soothed by touch

This stack of winter-warming textiles is all about the qualities perceived by touch: softness, texture, fineness and resilience. Whether you prefer the feel of soft silky velvet, gentle lamb's wool, lush thick shearling or woolly mohair, tactile materials during the winter can be to the home what comfort food is to your tummy.

Lush-to-touch fabrics

Angora Made from the fine hair of an Angora rabbit.

Cashmere Made from the soft, fleecy undercoat of the Kashmir goat.

Chenille Cotton yarn with a fuzzy, caterpillar-like pile.

Corduroy A soft cotton, cut-pile cloth with ribbing.

Flannel A soft cotton weave with a slightly downy nap.

Flokati New Zealand wool, washed in the Pindus Mountain waterfalls, known for its unique fluffy softness.

Matelasse A soft, raised woven design in cotton that's puckered, cushioned, or quilted.

Mohair A yarn made from the long silky hair of the Angora goat.

Shearling A tanned sheepskin with the wool left on.

Silk A fine, natural filament produced by the silkworm for its cocoon. Known for its warming properties in blends.

Wool Made from the fleece of sheep. Lamb's wool is made from the fleece of lambs.

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