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Tips for working with felt

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FIND THE RIGHT FELT For holiday accessories that will last for seasons to come, use wool-blend felt (a mix of wool and rayon). It's available in dozens of colors to match nearly any decorating scheme. Expect to pay $8-$10 per yard. Synthetic felts cost less (about $5 per yard) but might pill or stretch out over time.

For our holiday accents projects, the felt came from the WoolFelt collection (No. TOY002) at National Nonwovens (800/333-3469;

TRIM WITH BASIC TOOLS Felt cuts without fraying, so all you need are a pair of sharp scissors, a straight edge for select patterns and a steady hand.

PLAY WITH PATTERN Simply print or draw the pattern on letter-size paper, take it to a copy shop and enlarge to desired size. Cut out the pattern, place on felt, and trace with a marker. Or try your own patterns for a look that fits your home.

Our holiday accents patterns were designed by Pamela Porter, Porter Studios (515/988-6328;; Carol Schalla, senior home and projects editor, Midwest Living®, Faith Berven, associate art director, Midwest Living®, and Meg Songer.

ATTACH WITHOUT SEWING Quite possibly the best thing about felt is that it's quick and easy to adhere. Use fusible web to attach large-scale appliques; it's a paper-backed adhesive that bonds two fabrics together when it's heated (ironed). For smaller or more intricate applications, try fabric glue.

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