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10 Welcoming Spring Door Decorations

Add spring cheer to your front door with our DIY seasonal containers and wreaths.
  • Ode to spring

    To create this colorful display, use a basket with a flat side, so it will lay flat against your door. We placed tulips in small glasses and surrounded them with wheatgrass (purchased from a health food store). For the "hatched" eggs: Crack an uncooked egg, rinse, dry and lightly spray shell with blue paint. For lettered eggs: Apply stick-on letters to colored plastic eggs, lightly spray with pearlescent white paint, let dry, then remove letters. Hot-glue eggs to ribbon, then hot-glue ribbon onto basket.

    Hang basket with a ribbon on handle. (If your basket doesn't come with a handle, you can create one by wiring silk blooms to the basket.) Mist the grass periodically with water.

  • Bundled twig wreath

    Make your own wreath using bundles of six or so twigs connected with twine. Hot-glue the bundles first, then use the twine to secure the ends. Add small bird ornaments to finish the spring look. 

  • Rustic appeal

    Repurpose a vintage watering can into a spring oasis. Set floral foam in the can to secure stems. Blown eggs and ferns create a tiny garden with multi-hued pink tulips as a background bouquet.

  • Blooming twig wreath

    Look for a twig wreath (available at crafts stores) and bright artificial flowers to add spring flair to your door. Hot-glue flowers into the center of the wreath. 

  • Egg-cellent wreath

    Decorate plastic eggs with washi paper or decoupaged fabric strips. Poke a hole with an awl, then string on wire for a bright note on the front door.  

  • Sophisticated spring

    Seasonal favorites fill this spring basket. White pussy willow buds complement dainty white tulips. To make a robin's nest: Crack an uncooked egg, rinse, dry and spray paint the shell a light blue. Hang basket with a ribbon on handle. Mist the grass periodically with water.

  • Showers and flowers

    Transform an umbrella into a clever container for springtime trimmings. Tie ribbon around a closed umbrella, and fill the umbrella pockets with tissue paper. Craft a bird's nest with blown eggs, twigs and moss. Tuck in tulips and ferns to fill out the arrangement.

  • Lamb’s ear wreath

    To make this spring door decoration, hot-glue lamb’s ear leaves (either fresh or artificial) to a plastic-foam wreath. Don’t forget to hide the sides of the foam ring with the felt-like leaves. Top with silk flowers for bursts of color, and hang with a pretty ribbon. This wreath also makes a great centerpiece. 

  • Pussy willow wreath

    Among the first signs of spring are the fuzzy buds of pussy willow. Choose pencil-thick branches with catkins showing their silvery fur. We bunched willow branches together and tied the bunches on a grapevine wreath base. Keep the branches out of water to prevent the buds from opening and becoming short-lasting blooms.

  • Woodland wreath

    This woodsy wreath plays host to its own potted plants. Start with freshly picked or fallen twigs and bend them into a wreath shape (or use a purchased grapevine wreath). Use wire to attach small planters with ferns and other cascading plants.

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