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15 Welcoming Spring Door Decorations

Add spring cheer to your front door with our DIY seasonal containers and wreaths.

Blooming twig wreath

Look for a twig wreath (available at crafts stores) and bright artificial flowers to add spring flair to your door. Hot-glue flowers into the center of the wreath. 

Bundled twig wreath

Make your own wreath using bundles of six or so twigs connected with twine. Hot-glue the bundles first, then use the twine to secure the ends. Add small bird ornaments to finish the spring look. 

Blooming twig wreath

Look for a twig wreath (available at crafts stores) and bright artificial flowers to add spring flair to your door. Hot-glue flowers into the center of the wreath. 

Egg-cellent wreath

Decorate plastic eggs with washi paper or decoupaged fabric strips. Poke a hole with an awl, then string on wire for a bright note on the front door.  

Rustic appeal

Repurpose a vintage watering can into a spring oasis. Set floral foam in the can to secure stems. Blown eggs and ferns create a tiny garden with multi-hued pink tulips as a background bouquet.

Secret garden

Turn your doorway into an enchanted garden with a homemade wreath. Wrap moss around a Styrofoam wreath and insert greenery with hints of flowers - we love using pale pink roses as accents.

Nature's best

Add a pop of purple color — as well as floral perfume — to your entryway with a lavender wreath. This wreath came from Willowfield Lavender Farm in Mooresville, Indiana.


Sophisticated spring

Seasonal favorites fill this spring basket. White pussy willow buds complement dainty white tulips. To make a robin's nest: Crack an uncooked egg, rinse, dry and spray paint the shell a light blue. Hang basket with a ribbon on handle. Mist the grass periodically with water.

Showers and flowers

Transform an umbrella into a clever container for springtime trimmings. Tie ribbon around a closed umbrella, and fill the umbrella pockets with tissue paper. Craft a bird's nest with blown eggs, twigs and moss. Tuck in tulips and ferns to fill out the arrangement.

Lamb’s ear wreath

To make this spring door decoration, hot-glue lamb’s ear leaves (either fresh or artificial) to a plastic-foam wreath. Don’t forget to hide the sides of the foam ring with the felt-like leaves. Top with silk flowers for bursts of color, and hang with a pretty ribbon. This wreath also makes a great centerpiece. 

Pussy willow wreath

Among the first signs of spring are the fuzzy buds of pussy willow. Choose pencil-thick branches with catkins showing their silvery fur. We bunched willow branches together and tied the bunches on a grapevine wreath base. Keep the branches out of water to prevent the buds from opening and becoming short-lasting blooms.

Woodland wreath

This woodsy wreath plays host to its own potted plants. Start with freshly picked or fallen twigs and bend them into a wreath shape (or use a purchased grapevine wreath). Use wire to attach small planters with ferns and other cascading plants.

Garden wreath

Preserve your gardens' blooms with a wreath of dried botanicals. Our favorites flowers to dry include hydrangeas, peonies, roses and strawflowers.

Seashore finds

Create a nontraditional spring wreath with a beach theme. Hot glue deer or Spanish moss to a twig wreath. Glue or wire seashells, starfish and other beach fare of various sizes around the wreath. Add dried flowers and small ornaments in coordinating colors to finish.

Capital idea

Hot-glue jelly beans hot-glued onto a wood initial (available at crafts stores) for a sweet hello on the front door. We coordinated jelly bean and ribbon colors so they pop against the yellow door.

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