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10 Midwest Pumpkin Stencils

Make your pumpkin Midwest-special this fall with our stencils for a lighthouse, barn, maple leaf, deer, eagle and more.

Lighthouse pumpkin stencil

About 200 lighthouses line the Great Lakes shores in Midwest states -- over half of them in Michigan. Show off your lighthouse pride with this stencil!

Barn and silo pumpkin stencil

Midwesterners love barns as symbols of our farming heritage. Bring that Midwest spirit to your front porch with this stencil.

Maple leaf pumpkin stencil

A variety of maple trees, including sugar maples, red maples and silver maples, show their gorgeous autumn colors in the Midwest each fall. Carve the lovely maple leaf shape into your pumpkin with our stencil.

North Woods cabin stencil

Fall comes early in the North Woods, where generations of Midwesterners have vacationed in rustic cabins. Bring that cozy-cabin feel to your porch with this pumpkin stencil.

Corn stencil

Corn is the major crop in much of the Midwest. Celebrate this symbol of the Heartland using our design.

Deer stencil

The deer, common throughout the Midwest, is an official state symbol of Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Ohio. Etch this proud buck onto your pumpkin with our pattern.

Sunflower stencil

Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota grow more than 85 percent of the United State's crop of sunflowers! Add Midwest sunflower cheer to your pumpkin.

Wheat stencil

Kansas is the largest wheat producer in the United States, followed by North Dakota. Carve and etch these waving wheat stalks onto your jack-o'-lantern.

Eagle stencil

Eagle watching is popular in the Midwest, especially in winter when the birds migrate from northern homes to spots such as Wabasha, Minnesota. Put this proud symbol of the United States on your pumpkin.

Pinecone stencil

Ponderosas and other varieties of pines are scattered throughout the Black Hills and other areas of the Midwest. Use our pattern to etch a pinecone onto your Halloween gourd.

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