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7 Ideas for Decorating with Ivy

Use ivy to dress up your house with creations such as kissing balls, wreaths, tree-shaped cones and dish gardens.
  • Tiny Tree

    Choose a tiny-leaved ivy such as Anita, Midget or Duckfoot to cover 8- or 10-inch cone frames that stand atop copper pots. You can add ribbon for garland.

  • Topiary Wreath

    Variegated Tussie-Mussie ivy covers a 14-inch topiary wreath you set on a platter and adorn with fresh or dried flowers and fruits. Place a glass hurricane chimney and a candle in the center.

  • Dish Garden

    Tuck miniature pink poinsettias in the center of a topiary form to use as a hanging basket or dish garden. Manda's Crested ivy covers the exterior.

  • Kissing Ball

    Needlepoint ivy clings to a round topiary form in this kissing ball. Drape it with ribbon, add a mistletoe ornament and hang the ball in a strategic spot!

  • Dinner-Party-Perfect Centerpiece

    Calico and Manda's Crested ivies line a silver dish topped with a 2x9-inch ivory candle. Tuck in stems of lisianthus, andromeda heather and freesias. They'll last long enough for a dinner party.

  • Christmas Wreath

    Choose ivies in an assortment of types and colors, including some with green leaves splashed with silver or gold.

    Click below for tips and techniques on choosing and growing ivy.

    Ivy Tips and Techniques

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