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Decorating with Nuts

Varied colors and textures make these brown beauties a natural choice for fall decorating. Grab a sack at the grocery store, and go a little nuts.

Candle accent

Nuts anchor a candle inside a hurricane lamp.

Walnut photo holder

Give nature photos, family pics or place cards a seasonal lift. Drill a small hole in the top of a walnut. (Pick nuts with flatter bottoms so they stand up easily.) Cut a 6-inch piece of 18-gauge wire. Wrap one end of the wire twice around a wide marker. Remove the marker, and pinch the loops together. Insert the other end into the nut. Slip a photo or card between the loops.

Nuts and fruit

Create pretty accents with nuts and fruit. Hot-glue nuts to a pillar candle, then secure a circle of twine. Mix clove-studded fruit with nuts in bowls for a mix of fall colors.

Mixed-nut wreath

Turn a crafts-store wood frame into a harvest wreath. Hot-glue Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and acorns to the frame. Hang with a chocolate-hue ribbon.

Nuts and roses

Roses add a pop of color against nuts. Tuck a small glass bowl of rose heads inside a larger container of mixed nuts.

Nuts and leaf wreath

Use a variety of inexpensive fall materials to create this autumn wreath. Just hot-glue artificial leaves, walnuts and hazelnuts (or other hard-shell nuts) in a ring around the front of a grapevine wreath.

Candle accent

Nuts anchor a candle inside a hurricane lamp.

Stack 'em up

Show off your walnut photo holders (slide 2) in a set of stacked containers holding nuts and leaves.

Warm glow

Place nuts and a small votive candle inside glasses for a super-easy centerpiece or accent. Battery-powered candles are also an option.

Vase change-ups

Using the same technique to create the harvest vase in slide 1, change out the look with different toppers: Flowers, branches, snips of any pretty leafy plant from your yard. 

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