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Plan a Midwest Tree-Trimming Party

Reconnect with friends and family by turning this holiday tradition into a memorable festivity.
  • Old-fashioned setting

    We turned an Iowa barn into a gathering place for old-fashioned merriment— complete with a 10-foot fir tree as the guest of honor. Keep the party simple with our entertaining tips and decorating tricks; the barn is optional.

  • Party preparation

    A little planning will make your party seem effortless. Before your guests arrive, set up the tree and string the lights. Take ornaments out of storage and place them in baskets so guests can hang them easily. Create a buffet with stay-fresh foods that won't make fingers messy: snack mixes, nuts, fruits and veggies, peanut butter for dipping, Christmas cookies and chips and salsa.

  • Homemade dove ornaments

    Cut dove shapes out of white paper; when guests arrive, ask them to write peace wishes on them and hang their doves on the tree.

  • Quench thirsts

    Set up an adult beverage bar (we used an antique wood washing machine as a serving piece) and offer bottles of wine, beer and soda. Accent the area with greens. For kids, create a hot chocolate station with marshmallows, peppermint sticks and sprinkles.

  • Accent your buffet

    For an eye-catching tabletop, try our garden hook idea. Place iron shepherd's hooks inside sturdy, tall glass vases. Weight the vases with sand, and fill them with dried Spanish moss and wood fibers (available at crafts supply stores). Hang large ball ornaments, cutout snowflakes or tin lanterns on the hooks.

  • Personalize a wreath

    Design a wreath with handmade ornaments, such as these 3-D paper stars. We made the stars with a pattern from a crafts supply store and pretty papers.

  • Give simple gifts

    Your guests will love these garden gift pots. To make them, fill peat pots with natural wood fibers, three or four flower bulbs and seed packets. Add a mini ornament for color. Punch two small holes in front, and tie a bow with yarn. Place them on a tray for guests to take as they leave.


  • Fun for kids

    Keep kids busy during the party by creating their own crafting (and snacking) area. Pick a playful theme, such as barnyard animals, and prepare coordinating activities and refreshments. Spread brown paper on a table for coloring. Provide supplies for making ornaments, and let kids decorate their own miniature tree. To add easy decor (that doubles as a sweet treat), fill glass cookie jars with red-and-white peppermint sticks, licorice and hard candies. Don't forget a plate of Christmas cookies!

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