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45 Beautiful Holiday Wreaths

You'll love our collection of wreaths perfect for decorating indoors and out. Make them from scratch or start with a purchased wreath and add personal touches with bows, candy, berries, flowers, ornaments and more.

Spruce up nature

Give a standard evergreen wreath a sweet touch. Start with a boxwood wreath, purchased or made by inserting boxwood sprigs into a damp floral foam wreath base. Add hypericum berries and hydrangea blooms from a flower shop and candy and berries from a crafts store. Hang the wreath with the ribbon used to form a bow.


Make it merry

Go from naturally neutral to bright and merry by spray-painting a purchased or homemade pinecone wreath (hot-glue and wire pinecones onto a foam ring). When dry, use floral wire to attach sticks of berries and pine, and wrap with ribbon. Embroidered fabric hangs behind ours, but a table runner works, too. 

Peppermint wreath

To make this pretty red-and-white decoration, hot-glue small candy canes to cover a 12-inch white foam wreath form. Hot-glue tiny ball ornaments on randomly. Wire on a big bow. Display inside.

Winter colors wreath

Wrap floral foam with bands of winter colors, using your favorite materials for a creative wreath.

To start, cover a 10- to 12-inch ring of floral foam with white cotton batting. Add materials you have on hand or find at crafts stores--we used snowflake ornaments, ribbon, pinecones and branches, mittens, icicle garland and silver-painted leaves and berries.

See a fall-themed color band wreath

Striking simplicity

A wreath doesn't have to wear red and green to create holiday spirit; this simple green wreath is made just of bay leaves. While we purchased the wreath, it could be a DIY project. Wire bunches of bay leaves together at the stems then attach to a wire form. Magnolia or eucalyptus leaves would work, too. 

Star performer

Show off your favorite ornaments with a twist on a classic wreath shape. Bend thin-gauge wire into stars and attach boxwood sprigs to the stars with florist wire. Hang ornaments in the center (keeping with the theme, we used a gold star) and finish with a bow.

Cookie cutter wreath

Inexpensive cookie cutters create a fun and easy-to-make door decoration.

Arrange cookie cutters inside a shape drawn on paper. Each cutter should have contact points with another. Join contact points with a paper clip or wire, and spray paint if you like. Top with a ribbon.

Cheery holiday

To add Christmas cheer to an evergreen wreath, wire on a vintage or new Santa figurine and an assortment of colorful ornaments.

Candy cane wreath

To make this festive wreath, pictured on the cover of our November/December 2013 issue, start by wiring a loop of picture-hanging wire around the top of a 12-inch white foam wreath form. Hot-glue round peppermint candies to cover inside and outside edges. Hot-glue small candy canes to cover front, alternating hook ends to fill better. Hot-glue more round candies on top of canes. Use polyurethane spray to seal.

A handful of large candy canes hot-glued at the base gives you a place to wire on a red-and-white striped bow. Display indoors.


Fade to blue

Be dramatic with nontraditional shades. To dress up an artificial evergreen wreath, you'll need sprays of seeded eucalyptus, blue and chartreuse aerosol glitter spray, blue and chartreuse spray paint and small, medium and large silver glass balls with attached wire stems (also called glass ball picks.)

Wire eucalyptus sprays to floral picks; glitter spray an equal number blue and chartreuse. Lightly spray-paint the large balls chartreuse, the small ones blue and the medium sizes either color.  Wire the larger balls at the top of the wreath, medium in the middle and small at the bottom for an ombre effect. Insert eucalyptus sprays in the same order.

Call to attention

A plaid scarf sounds a bright note behind this wreath. To get this look, tuck stems of hypericum berries into a fresh boxwood wreath and wire a magnolia branch horizontally across the bottom of the wreath. Wire two sets of feathers, a bugle (or any other object with a loop) and pinecones onto the magnolia. Finish by tying a burlap ribbon around the bottom of the wreath.

60-Second Video: Christmas wreath ideas

Accent traditional wreaths with yarn and ribbons, or do something completely different using cookie cutters.

Ribbon wreath

Create this pretty wreath with curling ribbon. Just cut equal-length strips of ribbon, tie them tightly around an embroidery hoop and curl away!

Green on green

On this slide and the 3 following ones are four ways to spruce up a plain evergreen wreath. Here: Weave sprigs of lighter green leaves and berries, such as seeded eucalyptus, into the wreath.

Sweet as candy

With a large needle, string colorful gundrops on fishing line to create a long garland. Wind around an evergreen wreath, securing with floral wire.

Star bright

Spray one side of whole star anise (look for this at gourmet markets) with spray adhesive, then dip into a bowl of very fine glitter. Let dry, then wire onto an evergreen wreath.

Bow ties

Accordion-fold lengths of ¼- to 1-1/2-inch-wide ribbon, then tie tightly at the center with ribbon or floral wire. Snip along the folds with scissors, fan out and wire each to an evergreen wreath.

Sticks and stones

Copper wire adds a bit of sparkle to an otherwise earthy wreath. Secure pinecones and stones to a fresh evergreen wreath with copper wire, making sure to wrap the wire around them securely. Loop string around the wreath and insert twigs around the edge of the greenery. Hang with a strip of muslin.

Ode to snow wreath

White foam snowballs, soft feathers, crystalline snowflake ornaments and ice-blue ribbons reflect the cool beauty of a Midwest winter.

Begin with a hard white foam circle (ours was 21 inches wide). Use a white feather boa to cover the foam, attaching it with U-shape pieces of wire. Add ice-blue satin bows, and tuck in snowflake ornaments. To finish, spray hard white foam balls with artificial snow to resemble snowballs, and place them into the wreath with florist's picks.

More Midwest-inspired wreaths

Natural splendor wreath

Traditional colors and a mix of fresh greens show off the natural materials in this wreath. Lush and abundant, it starts with bittersweet vine for the base.

Take a nature hike to find natural additions to tuck in, such as cedar, blue juniper, pine and deep green yew. Purchased pear ornaments and a faux nest from the crafts store mix up the wreath's scale and texture. Two bows--one in traditional Christmas plaid and the other a sumptuous golden satin--add festive sparkle. Wire or hot-glue everything in place.

Ribbon greeting

Add a special touch to an evergreen wreath with "Merry Christmas" handwritten on a burlap bow. 

Mossy beauty

Show off the natural beauty of moss on a contemporary square wreath crafted from floral foam. Add sparkle with mini-ornaments.

Lantern glow

Hang a lantern in the center of an evergreen wreath and top with an eyecatching bow. Add a battery-powered candle inside the lantern for a soft night glow.

Candy fun

Add your own touch to an evergreen wreath by crafting pieces of "candy" from felt or other material you have at home. Tie with red twine or ribbon.

Holiday surprise wreath

These lush boxwood wreaths stand out because of their shape and materials.

The colors are expected—reds, golds and greens—but the square shape gives the wreaths a surprising update. Artichokes and guava stand out on the wreath, as well as the dramatic bow.

Bountiful bunches

Welcome guests with cheerful wreaths and draped ribbon. Hang swags of ribbons on your handrail and attach tiny berry wreaths at each gathering point with wire. 

Pinecone wreath

Create a homemade wreath with pinecones and bright orange kumquats. Starting with the larger pinecones and kumquats, hot-glue the items in a pattern along a wire form wreath. Top with a bow and fill the mantel with small pine branches to complement the wreath. 

Layers of leaves

Leaves in shades of copper and red brighten a traditional wreath. This one uses spray-painted dried magnolia leaves, artificial red poinsettia flowers, fresh lemon leaves, sprays of artificial greens with mini pinecones and sprigs of fresh cedar, all wired or glued to a wire wreath form. 


Jeweled wreath

Gather the vintage materials for this sparkling wreath from your family jewelry box, flea markets or vintage stores.

Choose jewelry in one color, or base your design on clear pieces with just a dash of red and green for holiday dazzle. Wrap a wreath form in pretty ribbon or fabric, then hot-glue or pin jewelry pieces in place. Finish with a luxurious satin bow.

All tied up

A classic plaid bow completes this timeless look. We started with a grapevine wreath and hot-glued sprays of artificial pine with pinecones and berries attached, sprays of artificial angel pine and sprays of artificial berries, then completed the look with a pretty looping bow.

Nut and star wreath

An 18-inch wire star form serves as the foundation for this beautiful nut-studded wreath. Wrap wire form with 12 yards of 9-inch-wide woven ribbon and hot-glue in place. Glue mixed nuts to the form, then glue fresh, fragrant bay leaves around the perimeter behind the nuts.

Lotus pod wreath

Dried lotus pods become creative holiday decorations on this inventive wreath. Hot-glue green sheet moss to a 9-inch foam wreath form, then glue about two dozen lotus pods to the wreath, clustering several pods in groups. Glue fresh bay leaves, fresh lemon leaves and arvorvitae sprigs in the moss around the pods.

Merry and bright kumquat wreath

Wreaths with fresh fruit are an American colonial tradition.

Use a 12-inch metal ring for a base, 18 to 20 kumquats, several sprigs of medium-size broadleaf greens and 26-gauge wire to attach the fruit and leaves.

Boxwood, Pear and Berry Wreath

Dress up a 9-inch square boxwood wreath with Seckle pears, seeded eucalyptus and faux berry sprigs.

To make this wreath, cut wooden skewers to 5-inch lengths and push a skewer in the bottom of each pear. Place hot glue on skewers and push into wreath. Insert sprigs of seeded eucalyptus and faux berries around pears and secure with hot glue.

Natural touch wreath

Handfuls of fresh curly willow branches and red dogwood provide a perch for cardinals and groupings of red-hue ornaments. A bright vintage ribbon droops gracefully at the bottom.

Fresh flowers wreath

This wreath, which appeared on a Midwest Living cover, contains an ornament vase so fresh flowers can be changed throughout the season.

Start with a 14-inch floral foam wreath frame (we used Oasis brand) submerged in water to hydrate. Fill with short sprigs of fresh greens, flowers and filler. Add 1-inch Christmas balls wired to floral picks. Wire an ornament (with top cap removed) or an inverted tree topper to the bottom of the wreath. Fill with water and add flowers of your choice.

Veggie lover's wreath

Purchase the ingredients for this wreath on your weekly trek to the supermarket. Stock up on an assortment of greens: variations in color, shape, and texture lend richness to the finished cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. Our wreath includes artichokes, asparagus, peppers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, grapes, tomatilloes, and miniature limes -- all attached with long pins or florist's picks.

Grapevine wreath makeover

Fill out a store-bought grapevine wreath with materials from your yard, a crafts store and florist's shop. Midwest Living® featured this wreath on one of our November/December covers.

Tuck fresh greens, wired pinecones, dried flowers, leaves, pods and half a dozen fresh roses in water-filled floral tubes. Add a quick accent by spray-painting pinecones in a coordinating color and piling them nearby in various pretty vases or planters.

Holiday rose wreath

Make this lovely wreath, featured on the December 2003 cover of Midwest Living®, with juniper, cranberries and two varieties of fresh roses.

For details, click on the link below.

How to make the rose wreath

Ivy inspirations wreath

Ivy dresses up a variety of holiday decorations, such as this wreath featured on the December 2000 cover of Midwest Living®.

Eight Manda's Crested ivy plants, accented with ribbon and jewel-tone ornaments, adorn a 21-inch topiary wreath. Manda's Crested ivy is easy to grow indoors; the plants have star-shape leaves that grow curly, full and bushy, ideal for a wreath or hanging basket.

More ivy decorating tips

Bright berry wreath

This charmer, hung with a simple ribbon, bursts with color.

Create this wreath by hot-gluing artificial berry picks into a plastic-foam ring. The more berries you use, the fuller the wreath.

Make-a-wish wreath

Add an easy-to-make wreath to your outdoor decor with this simple, starry design.

Add a spray of chenille stems and precut wood stars to an evergreen circle. Wrap a length of bead garland loosely around the bottom.

Cranberry wreath

Wire redtwig dogwood stems into a circle, letting some stems stick out. Pop fresh cranberries on the tips. Thread cranberries on a long string, looping it around the wreath. Finishing touches: silver ball ornaments and greenery.

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