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6 Easy Corn Husk Fall Decorations

Create chic-for-the-season crafts with inexpensive dried corn husks. They’re easy to trim and shape for simple autumnal decor.

Center of attention

For a bountiful centerpiece, cover a cake stand with fanned out corn husks. Then pile on gourds, leaves and ornamental corn.

Cozy glow

Wrap glass votive holders in textural flair. Tie raffia around three or four overlapping moistened corn husks trimmed to fit. A spotted guinea fowl feather (available at crafts stores) adds a flourish. 

Leafy toppers

A handful of fallen leaves (we found oak and maple) provides patterns for pretty package accents, place cards or garland decorations. Trace leaves onto damp corn husks, then cut out the shapes. 

Flower ring

Fashion flowers from corn husks for seasonal napkin rings. To create the flower, cut a freehand spiral from a soaked corn husk so it has at least four rings. Starting from the outside, roll up the spiral. This will form a rose shape. Let dry; the rose should hold its shape loosely. Secure with gel glue. Glue a circle to the base. For the ring, cut out a rectangle and fold to form a loop. Hot-glue ends. Glue flower to the top, and you’re ready!

Working with corn husks

Buy packs of dried corn husks (used to make tamales) in the international foods section of a grocery store or at Walmart. Soak husks in water until they are pliable, then shape.

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