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20 Colorful Summer Centerpieces

Family and guests will love these creative table-toppers—perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining.
  • Nice slice

    A playful mosaic of fresh citrus slices makes inexpensive glass flower vases look as refreshing as lemonade.

    Start by nesting a small vase inside a large one (we used 4- and 6-inch square vases). Slip lemon and/or lime slices between the two; fill the gap with water. We completed our centerpiece with an arrangement of punchy peonies, roses, salvias, alliums, geraniums and orchids.

  • Spice up the table

    For a striking centerpiece that's super easy, surround a glass hurricane lamp with a jumble of the day's most colorful veggies. Go for contrasts in color, shape, and texture, and mound the pieces around the lamp, starting with the largest ones. Green beans, chile peppers and cherry tomatoes make great accents. Fill in with garden-fresh herb sprigs.

  • Mossy masterpiece

    A rectangular planter looks nice on a long picnic table, and fresh moss adds a lush, natural feel. Scatter gray river rocks around the planter and embellish with attractive insect-repelling candles for a carefree evening.

  • Throwback florals

    Old metal boxes and lunch pails make great vintage holders for your favorite indoor arrangements. White hydrangeas, viburnum, and paperwhites complement any color container. Display the planter on a vintage dish for added style.

  • Video: How to create a succulent arrangement

    A cake stand and some florist’s moss provide a simple foundation for this stunning succulent display that works great as a centerpiece.

  • Pretty in pink

    Flowers tucked into an array of colorful thrift store bottles add resourceful flair to your table. Arrange small flowers around larger ones, and place only one or two stems in each bottle for a chic and airy feel. Forgo common fillers like baby's breath, and instead use posies and pink peonies for a touch of summer glow.

  • Tabletop clutch

    Nearly everything tastes better with a sprinkle of freshness. Garnish your table with clutches of fresh herbs in vintage mustard tins. Pour some water in the bottom so the cuttings won't wilt. Serve bruschetta, pasta or salad and encourage guests to liven entrees with snips from the herbs. Make several and send them home with guests as tasty party favors.

  • Beach in a bottle

    An oversized lab beaker filled with sand and rocks becomes a whimsical piece of art, perfect for any space. Experiment with colors, textures and grain size to fit the style of your home. For a personalized centerpiece, collect mementos from your summer travels and display with a journal of your journeys.

  • Complementary cues

    Use your room's color scheme to inspire a harmonizing centerpiece. In this room with coral-color walls and white woodwork, pink peonies, white hyacinths and red anemones pair up in tall white vases. Adding a similarly colored tea towel underneath and a nearby garnish of strawberries brings out the cozy cottage feel.

  • Sand, candles and starfish

    For a glowing evening, fill hurricane vases with sand and fat white candles. Place the candle keepers in the center of your table, and after your meal, use them to line porch steps or define the edges of a patio or walkway.

  • Enchanting illumination

    Tiny tea lights add mystery and romance to any outdoor event. Line the tea lights in a moss-covered tray for elegance. Silver accessories glimmer in the candlelight.

  • Joyful rose bouquet

    Bundle a bunch of open roses in a short, wide vase for a fragrant addition to your table. Complement some deep pink roses with a splash of brightness, in this case white- and salmon-colored blooms.

  • Eye candy

    A buttercup yellow dahlia blooms from a dessert bowl. Highlight each place setting with a summer bloom and a colorful napkin.

  • Artichoke flowers

    A bouquet of baby artichokes makes a nice alternative to flowers.

    Cut stems short and poke in floral picks or wooden skewers. Fit the pitcher with floral foam to anchor the skewers, then arrange like flowers. To keep your bouquet fresh longer, store in the fridge at night.

  • Cerulean escape

    Take color cues from a summery sky with a delightful blue theme. Transform a cake stand into a centerpiece with a bouquet of wispy-white flowers and sky-blue blooms. A sturdy striped tablecloth anchors the crisp white dishes. Tiny glass votives with blue candles complete the look.

  • Glass menagerie

    Fuchsia blooms sprout from assorted glass bottles at this outdoor party. Sprinkle some candles among the vases for extra sparkle come night.

  • Tranquil table

    Set a serene tone with natural elements. A leafy variegated hosta stands out against slabs of dark slate. Scattered small stones provide muted tones and simple adornment to the otherwise austere table. Reserve some stones as placeholders personalized with silver paint pen.

  • Sweet and simple

    White hydrangeas look lovely in recycled cans. Continue the recycling theme by reusing newspaper sections as place mats. For this black-and-white setting, the arts section sets a classy tone. For a more festive look, use the comics.

  • Sunny cheer

    Place yellow flowers—in this case, double yellow tulips—in a clear vase with festive kumquats and water. They'll brighten your day and make a statement at your next breezy afternoon gathering.

  • Towering topiaries

    These Brussels sprout-covered topiaries began as 15-inch foam cones and a pair of footed soup tureens. Use long T-shape pins to attach Brussels sprouts to the foam, placing them as close together as possible. Fill in open areas and spruce the bottom with sphagnum moss. They'll only last about a week, so make them shortly before entertaining guests.

  • Ultimate cut flowers

    A cinch to grow and easy to harvest, gladiolas are the most versatile cut flower. They linger long in a vase, and brighten any table. Arrange them in old wine bottles for a colorful conversation piece.

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