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10 Beautiful Spring Branch Displays

A few simple cuttings from the spring branches in your yard can bring the color and scents of the season into your home. Here are 10 ways to show off the beauty of blooming branches.
  • Welcoming arrangement

    Wrap 1/4-inch hemp rope around the neck and handle of a watering can, place a few branches (Cleveland pear shown) inside with some water, and hang on a knocker to welcome guests. If desired, you can wrap the base of the can as an accent.

  • Showy greeting

    If a watering can on a door won’t work at your house, consider placing the can inside an urn. Long forsythia branches create a showy greeting.

  • Crabapple display

    Try some crabapple branches inside. Place the blooms in a mix of vintage blue medicinal jars and Mason jars.

  • Play with vintage

    Vintage soda bottles make for a playful arrangement when filled with different blossoms, such as apple, crabapple and forsythia branches. For added interest, shorten a branch or two to vary the heights.

  • Mix and match

    Mix and match blooms and vessels (left to right: ornamental cherry, pear, dogwood and quince). Place on a console or in an entryway. The variation of sizes and colors makes the display more engaging

  • Casual centerpiece

    Create a casual centerpiece by placing branches (purple leaf plum shown) in vintage containers such as these watering cans. Unify the display atop a flea-market shutter.

  • Crate and bottles

    Apple blossoms look sweet displayed in old milk bottles and a vintage crate.

  • Naturally restful

    Soft pussy willow branches nestled in a variety of green bottles create a naturally restful scene for a bath or a kitchen display.

  • Beaker branches

    Laboratory beakers or other clear containers show off magnolia blooms. Place against a white or empty wall to highlight the sculptural look of the delicate branches.

  • Striking combo

    Mix a blooming branch with flowers from your garden. Redbuds partnered with grape hyacinths and hyacinths make a striking combo.

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