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38 Welcoming Foyers

Your foyer makes the important first interior impression of your home. Our entryways of all sizes and styles offer inspiration for your decorating.
  • Pretty patterns

    Paisley and florals in muted colors echo the wooded landscape outside this Lake Michigan home yet give the space a sense of sophistication.

  • Country charm

    A wood shelf with hooks below showcases art and holds baskets for storage. A rustic wood perch accommodates drop-offs and provides seating.

  • Happy hello

    A green lamp and watercolor painting hint at the decor beyond this entry. White shutters allow light in and peeks at the view beyond.

  • Enliven an entry

    Covering an ottoman with bold fabric or rug adds bright color to an entry. The dark and light coral canvases continue the scheme at eye level.

  • Rack it up

    A coat rack and dresser with drawers and a shelf create spots for hanging and hiding.

  • Light-filled space

    If your foyer is dark, consider installing a French door, or if some privacy is necessary, flank a solid door with sidelights. Extra light makes an entryway feel larger as well as brighter. In this foyer, solid, sizeable furniture connects the space to the other rooms.

  • Stairstep style

    Many entries open directly into a stairway. This foyer achieves a sense of place with a wall lantern, sculptures and art on built-in ledges that climb with the stairs. The windows in the door offer light, while a narrow pedestal and see-through acrylic chair add space-saving style.

  • Colorful personality

    Small spaces often look better when splashed with color and large patterns than bigger rooms do, because a confined space can have drama without being overwhelming. In this foyer, a subtle life-size birch tree pattern on pink wallpaper, patterned lime-green rug and green seat covers bring the area to life.

  • Transparent style

    If your entryway is in a traffic pattern, arrange furniture accordingly. Here, a shallow arrangement of see-through console and acrylic chairs takes up little space. A frame filled with vintage vacation postcards and a collection of orange pottery personalize the space.

  • Vacation home vibe

    A casual arrangement works in this entryway, where flip-flops and beachwear are the norm. Lightweight clothing and summer gear can be tossed on the bench. A wall of family photos-united with mostly black frames and white mats-combines with horizontal painted paneling for a relaxed backdrop.

  • Roomy comfort

    Large entries should have sizable pieces of furniture and art that reflects the style of the home. This leather armchair offers a convenient place to change shoes or put on boots, while the red-painted chest of drawers holds gloves, hats and scarves.

  • Back-entry style

    This informal back entrance, which leads inside from a garden, has the feel of an old European cottage. Unusual decorative touches, such as the wall-hung wooden rake, pitchfork and sifter, echo the rustic textures in the flagstone steps and wood beam.

  • Coordinating colors

    When other rooms are visually connected to the foyer, it's important to coordinate color and style. Here, foyer accents reflect the colors of the room beyond. A child's photo was copied in gold and orange to match the scheme.

  • Snug sophistication

    Even small spaces can have a stylish and functional entry. A nook behind the front door holds a console table with a double ledge for storing keys, cell phones, mail, magazines and newspapers. Two leather ottomans tuck easily underneath. For additional storage space, choose ottomans that open.

  • Outdoors-in style

    This back entry gets a style boost from its outdoors-in decor. A dirt-friendly sisal carpet, painted Adirondack chair, wrought-iron side table, framed maps and sandy wall color add to the beachy outdoor feel.

  • Bold beginnings

    Large, colorful, graphic art pieces and a big mirror enhance a relatively small foyer.

  • Modern minimalism

    This foyer reflects the style of the rest of the contemporary home. A colorful unframed canvas, wall-hung cabinet and vase of flowers create a simple, uncluttered look.

  • Basic style

    Most entries need only three elements: a mirror to visually expand the space (and check yourself on the way out); a table or chest for placing or storing items such as keys and mail; and seating. In this small foyer, the white table blends into the wall, and the stool can be pushed under to save space.

  • Eclectic mix

    If your home is informal, the entry should be, too. In this foyer, an eclectic assortment of items creates a mix that's both charming and practical. A tray on the table organizes keys and cell phones, while the basket underneath holds scarves and gloves. Leaning the mirror and art on the table (instead of hanging them) simplifies changing out items.

  • Contemporary country

    A wood sideboard, woven bench, black-framed mirror and simple row of topiaries reflect the contemporary country style of the adjoining room.

  • Drama in a small space

    Small walls take on importance when painted a vibrant color. This entryway draws its colorful, artistic personality from a deep red wall, interesting art, a unique lamp and a blue garden stool.

  • Convertible foyer

    This entryway can double as a library and work space. Built-in bookcases corral books and display collections. The drop-leaf table can become an impromptu desk when paired with a small chair (not seen). Sconces offer lighting for book searches.

  • Under the stairs

    Tucked under the painted underside of a staircase, this foyer's decor highlights a unique sculpture and art, along with an attractive utilitarian basket for storage. A small-scale chair completes the vignette.

  • Tiny traditional

    Even the smallest entry, such as in an apartment or townhome, can have an eye-catching display. An extra-large mirror visually expands this space, while a painted cabinet and patterned rug add interest.

  • All in one

    Thoughtful selection and grouping of objects creates an identity for an entry that's part of an open living room. Wood floors and a rug define the traffic pattern. A narrow console table with metal legs echoes the curves in the front door and takes up little visual (or actual) space.

  • Built-in beauty

    Built-ins work especially well in a tight space. Painted wall paneling, wall hooks and a built-in bench (with lift-up seat for storage) create a cozy and useful entry.

  • Antique focus

    Here, a bright foyer highlights just three elements: a white-painted vintage console, an old window frame made into a mirror and an ironstone pot filled with fresh greens.

  • Fashionable nook

    This entry, carved out of a small nook next to the stairs, features an armless slipper chair--a convenient seat that takes up less space than a regular armchair. Stacked pieces of art make a visual impact on a narrow strip of wall, while a garden urn filled with moss transitions the space from outside to in.

  • Collection chic

    Small walls in foyers gain big impact from a grouped collection of items, such as vintage china. This display, with balanced space between the many items, feels airy and light, in keeping with the style of the table beneath it and the light-color room beyond.

  • Pretty pattern

    Bold wallpaper brings big style to a simple painted chest and classic-shaped mirror. An attractive umbrella stand provides welcome convenience in any entry.

  • Casual country

    Back entries, often the main entrance for family, can be both useful and appealing. This informal spot features a bench, coat hooks and a wall shelf with storage baskets. The tile floor handles any kind of weather that's tracked in.

  • Contemporary simplicity

    A modern graphic black cabinet and centered lamp reflect the clean, contemporary ambience of the home.

  • Attention grabbers

    A large mirror and two tall candlesticks are placed on the floor, grabbing guests' attention as soon as they walk in the door. The mirror expands and reflects the space's simple arrangement of eye-catching objects.

  • Wall magic

    No room for a traditional foyer? Put a shelf on a wall. With a mirror and a few accessories, this entryway's ledge-supported by two antique brackets--makes a smart style statement.

  • Soft style

    Gain storage space in an entryway by topping a console or sofa table with a stylish cloth. Tuck luggage, baskets, boxes, bins and other small pieces underneath. Another colorful touch in this foyer: the zebra-print stair runner.

  • Family photo foyer

    Instead of highlighting one piece of art or a mirror, group family photos on the entry wall. Unite the display with similar color mats and frames or lean them on a long picture ledge.

  • Beaded board stairwell

    Vertical and horizontal wood on the stairwell creates visual energy.

  • Smooth sophistication

    This foyer takes its style inspiration from the modern stair railing. A black-and-white abstract painting and a tailored bench blend with this home's of clean lines and muted colors.

  • Floor patterns

    If you have plain white or off-white walls, let the floor make a statement. A quilt-patterned rug and striped stair runner, both in blue and white, combine with wicker furniture to give this entry a bright country cottage vibe.

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