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25 Mudroom Decor Ideas

Transform a cluttered mudroom or entryway into a calm, organized space. These ideas for benches, storage, lockers and other designs offer inspiration for a functional place to put shoes, hats, coats, towels, backpacks and more.
  • Mudroom

    High-efficiency entry

    Transform that busy dump zone by your door into a high-efficiency entry that adapts to every season with high shelves, a short bench, baskets and other spaces that help keep your on-the-go family organized. See more photos of this entry and tips for organizing here. 

  • Mudroom entry organization

    Stylish storage

    An organized mudroom space tidies up all the clutter of day-to-day life. It should offer convenient storage for items like shoes and hats, a place to hang coats and scarves, and a seat for putting on shoes. 

    Even a shallow space, like the one pictured here, can function as a mudroom with creative storage design. Stacked units offer a stylish spot to hang or stash gear.

  • Vintage letters customize a mudroom.

    Extra character

    Personalize a mudroom or entry with a family name or favorite phrase. Flea-found letters add charm and meld with the space's industrial touches. A single board hung over the window accommodates extra space to hang hats without inhibiting the view. 

  • Mudroom uses canvas tote bags as storage.

    Smart storage

    Canvas tote bags offer a clever alternative to mudroom basket storage; just grab your bag and go. Customize the totes by name or use. 

  • A mudroom area inside an entry room.

    Simple solution

    Transform a small entry-room nook into a functional mudroom area with a few simple changes. Hang a shelf with hidden hooks to establish the space. Additional touches like sconces and a mirror complete the area.

  • Gray built-in storage adds a clean modern look to this mudroom.

    Nautical charm

    Embrace a single color in your mudroom. Here, all-over gray adds a clean, modern look to the functional space. Nautical touches boost the room's character.

  • A mudroom with study space.

    Double duty

    Establish a study or office area with extra space in your mudroom and a smart use of furniture. A long table fits the wall but saves space with its narrow depth. Wall-mounted lights free the table from being too cluttered. Tolix chairs cap the room's farmhouse-industrial look.

  • Use a bookshelf to turn an entry into a mudroom area

    Bookcase boost

    A bookshelf turns an entry into a functional mudroom area with a few tricks. Line the back of the bookshelf with adhesive wallpaper to give the piece a style upgrade. Adjust the shelves to match your needs, such as space for baskets at the top, slots for flat shoes and a tall gap for boots. Attach hooks inside to hang coats, hats and bags.

  • A mudroom with pantry storage.

    On reserve

    A mudroom near the kitchen doubles as a pantry for extra grocery goods. Open shelving makes items easy to find, and a bench keeps even top-shelf storage within reach.

  • A white mudroom with a cozy window bench.

    Classic style

    Traditional red, white and blue accents create a classic look in this mudroom. Pillows piled on a window bench invite relaxing in a cozy nook. Low-hanging hooks keep clutter below eye level. 

  • Turn a closet into a mudroom

    Closet conversion

    No separate mudroom in your home? Convert a coat closet into a space that functions like a mudroom. Install wallpaper and a rug to make a closet feel like an extra room. Hang baskets on the wall to collect sundry items. Store coats with hooks instead of hangers to maximize space.

  • A gray mudroom with nautical touches.

    Ship shape

    If your mudroom is part of a lakeside cottage, create nautical style by balancing modern finishes with weathered decor. Beach finds gain a worn look when covered with chalk paint. Tour more of this Michigan lake house here.

  • A mudroom with striped accents

    Stars and stripes

    Striped pillows and a rug embellish a classic white room while mirroring vertical wainscoting panels. A hanging star gives a subtle nod to Americana.

  • A vintage bench under coat hooks creates mudroom space.

    Vintage style

    Use a flea market bench to designate mudroom space in an entry hallway. This vintage find nestles snugly under coat hooks to create a place for the family to put on shoes and hang hats.

  • A mudroom with locker storage.

    Tucked away

    A mudroom-laundry room combo benefits from organization with lockers and baskets. A window bench rests on additional storage.

  • A rustic bench adds character to a mudroom.

    Country appeal

    A rustic banquette gives character to this mudroom with a neutral palette. Additional vintage finds and reclaimed-fabric pillows complete the farmhouse look.

  • A small entry mudroom area

    Small wonder

    For homes with small entry areas, adapt wall space to organize day-to-day items. Hanging baskets collect grab-and-go pieces like toys and scarves. You'll never forget important papers thanks to the handy clipboards near the door. 

  • Mudroom with upholstered bench

    Make a statement

    Give your entryway or mudroom character with statement pieces. Custom upholstery casts a bold look without breaking the bank, and this bench fabric complements the door's vivid color.

  • Mudroom for the dog

    Safe haven

    Tidy up dog food and pet supplies with a mudroom revamp. A labeled container keeps pet food at hand while blending with the space. A dog bed and comfy rug keeps Fido feeling at home.

  • Built-ins backed with wallpaper.

    Pattern play

    Add flair to a mudroom with unexpected pattern. Here, white built-ins are customized with wallpaper for a cheery upgrade.

  • A DIY kitchen mudroom area

    Easy organization

    Tie a DIY mudroom area together with matching shelving, hooks and bench seating.  Clear containers and basket storage keep items in their place.

  • Mudroom with a chandelier.

    Bright idea

    Install unique lighting to amplify your mudroom's style. This bamboo-inspired chandelier completes the room with a pop of color.

  • A mudroom chalkboard offers time organization for the family

    Practical plan

    Keep organized with a mudroom chalkboard for family memos. Or write up a chalkboard calendar to ensure everyone stays up-to-date on all the week’s happenings.

  • An entry hallway mudroom

    Family post

    An entry wall fuses with the home's decor and provides space for coats and hats thanks for a shelf-hook combo piece. Place a mat or shoe rack beneath to designate a spot for the family's most-worn pairs. A large basket nearby hides away extra belongings and serves as a makeshift bench.

  • Down to earth

    Embrace simplicity in a mudroom with clean white walls and natural touches like potted plants and seagrass rugs. A pastel-colored door contrasts the walls and tawny accents for a modern feel.

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