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20 Budget Bathroom Ideas

Add splash to your bath with these low-cost bathroom ideas for remodeling cabinets, vanities, lighting, storage and more.
  • Budget bathroom vanity remodel

    Renew with paint

    An oak vanity goes from outdated to simply soothing with a pale blue paint makeover. New knobs complete the update. Total cost for paint, primer and hardware was only $110.

  • Go with freestanding storage

    Add storage to your bathroom with freestanding furniture, which typically costs less than built-ins. A white-painted cabinet, found at a flea market, provides storage for towels and bath products.

  • Bring on the baskets

    One of the easiest (and cheapest) storage solutions: baskets! They come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors to coordinate with any decorating style. Twin wicker baskets fit perfectly under dual sinks in this playful modern space.

  • Just add art

    Leaf prints gives this modern bathroom a refreshing pop of color.

  • Give a cabinet character

    Old interior shutters become a medicine cabinet door in a rustic bathroom. Cut the shutters to fit and add hinges.

  • Low-cost pedestals

    The slim size of a traditional pedestal sink makes it great for a small space. You can find a variety of styles at bargain prices (between $100 and $300) at most home improvement stores. 

  • Find your hook

    This vacation home bathroom gets a lot of use, so multiple hooks from the hardware store keep towels from piling up on the floor. To make the best use of wall space, the owners installed a narrow storage shelf and mirror above a row of hooks. 

  • Repurpose vintage finds

    Vintage pieces can be turned into low-cost molding, wainscoting or even a sink. The owners of this Minnesota home repurposed a soda pop cooler as a sink. Corrugated steel wainscoting and yardsticks used as molding continue the salvaged theme. 

  • Open new drawers

    Float a stock drawer unit between vanities for a custom look that won’t cost a bundle. It provides a little extra storage and counter space.

  • Refresh fixtures

    Shiny new sconces that look like barn lights bring rustic appeal to this contemporary bath, highlighted with a herringbone paint treatment. 

  • Paint it purple

    (Or any bright, happy hue!) Lavender paint above tile wainscoting gives this cottage-style bathroom a jolt of playfulness and fun.

  • Style in small doses

    Get the drama of glass tile without too much sticker shock. Apply tile in a small area where it will be a focal point. This rich, exotic bathroom gains glitz from gorgeous glass tile placed between the mirrors.

  • Rethink vanities

    An inexpensive salvaged sideboard becomes a cottage-style vanity in a small attic bathroom. To make the vanity height 36 inches, the homeowner cut down the legs. She then coated the furniture piece with semigloss paint to help protect it from splashes.

  • Create a two-tone vanity

    Give your vanity a quick, low-cost makeover by painting just the front area that frames the drawers and cabinet doors. To pull the look together, paint the mirror frame to match.

  • Swap shower curtains

    Sometimes a new shower curtain with a vibrant pattern is all you need for a refresh. This swirly green shower curtain instantly becomes the focal point in this simple, serene bath.

  • Define areas with molding

    The owners of this renovated bathroom painted a wide stripe on the wall and framed it with $9 chair-rail molding to define an area for towel hooks. It makes good use of wall space next to the tub.

  • Paint a picture

    A big, bold flower painted on the wall brightens a kid’s bath for little cost. Though it may look complicated, this design was done with a stencil taped to the wall.

  • Revamp a railing

    For an extra-long towel bar, attach stair railing to a wall. It pairs well with an antique claw-foot tub. 

  • Take down doors

    For easier access to bath essentials, homeowners removed the closet door in this light and airy bath. Painting just the inside closet walls is an easy, inexpensive way to create interest.

  • Add inexpensive elegance

    A mirrored wall above the sink wasn’t enough for this high-style bathroom. An ornate mirror frame painted glossy white adds a second layer of glamour for a reasonable price.


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