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15 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Function partners with design in a quality kitchen backsplash. Find the perfect style for your kitchen and budget with our backsplash ideas.
  • Accent colors

    Enhance a low-cost subway tile with a soft touch of color, like this high-gloss baby blue. Dishes in the glass-front cabinets pick up the accent color.

  • Beach vibe

    Blue- and sandy-toned glass mosaic tiles—suggestive of a blurred shoreline—support the beach vibe of this cottage home. 

  • Unifying element

    Stone mosaic tile perfectly unifies this Iowa kitchen’s two-tone cabinetry.

  • Vintage flair

    In this Minnesota kitchen, a rusty metal sign propped against the countertop-to-ceiling tilework takes the place of a traditional backsplash behind the range.

  • Subway classic

    Just like a mint green stove, subway tile is a symbol of vintage Americana. The bricklike assembly of 3x6-inch white tiles originated in the subway stations of New York City in the early 1900s. White tiles remain a classic backsplash option. 

  • Porcelain tile

    Narrow-width porcelain tile provides texture and the look of natural stone at a more affordable price. Here, layers of gray add depth to espresso-colored cabinets. 

  • Pattern play

    Use the extra wall space behind the stove to experiment with different tile layout styles, like the herringbone design featured in this kitchen. The small dose of contrast will create dramatic results.

  • Bright backsplash

    Don’t be afraid of a flashy backsplash. Metallic tiles brighten dark cabinetry while setting a tone of refined glamour. 

  • Stainless steel

    Stainless-steel backsplashes are typically used in professional kitchens because they are easy to clean and pristine in appearance. But home cooks enjoy the convenience as well. Some varieties are even magnetic, making it easy to display recipes or hang utensils.

  • Marble slab

    White marble floods this traditional kitchen, traveling behind the range hood and spreading across the countertop. Marble can be expensive, but it’s a lasting investment if cared for properly.

  • Natural stone

    As if a slate ledge stone wasn’t enough drama for a backsplash, this kitchen splurges on countertop-to-ceiling coverage. A clean, modern look balances the rest of the space.

  • Handmade glass tiles

    Glass tiles

    Handmade backsplash glass tiles work with horizontal cabinetry and handles to create linear flow in this Chicago-area kitchen.

  • Earthy feel

    A tumbled limestone backsplash gives an earthy feel to the kitchen in this Ohio home. 

  • Detailed design

    Have fun with the geometric patterns created by tile. Because this lantern-shaped tile is white, the ornate pattern gets all the attention.

  • Pattern pop

    Patterned ceramic tile reflects the color palette of this Victorian home. Small doses of an energetic print give kitchen walls an inviting, yet not overwhelming, touch.

  • Metallic finish

    Bronze, gold leaf and stainless steel are elegant options for porcelain or ceramic tile finishes. Avoid going overboard—in budget and metallic accents—by covering only a small amount of space. 


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