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Pretty Outdoor Table Centerpieces

Find fun and clever ideas for outdoor table decorations for your next party or family gathering.
  • Summer sweetness

    Beachy colors of blue and yellow take to the porch in this summertime setting. Silver lanterns add sparkle, but for a spark of surprise, we left the candles outside and filled the lantern with sunny yellow lemons for this luncheon.

  • Serene scene

    Create a place for an al fresco meal by throwing down a rug. Gather comfy chairs around the table set with wine and cheese.

  • Garden's glory

    Display a rainbow of garden blooms in a colorful assortment of glassware. Continue the whimsical arrangements with alternating colors and patterned placemats. Mingle in the season's fruits — peaches, strawberries and blueberries — for fresh decor.

  • Some assembly required

    Create a DIY table by placing wood slabs across concrete columns as a base. Top with casual place settings and posies in jars. 

  • Summer colors

    Blue and green make a natural pairing for outdoor settings. Here they are from the bold end of the spectrum to brighten the deck.

  • Enchanting illumination

    Tiny tea lights add mystery and romance to any outdoor event. Line the tea lights in a moss-covered tray for elegance. Silver accessories glimmer in the candlelight.

  • Sweet and simple

    White hydrangeas look lovely in recycled cans. Continue the recycling theme by reusing newspaper sections as place mats. For this black-and-white setting, the arts section sets a classy tone. For a more festive look, use the comics.

  • Material mix

    Juxtaposing wood and resin, metal and stone, and earthy and artificial hues energizes a scene.  

  • 60-Second Video: Flower arrangement inspirations

    Brightly colored flowers in eclectic vases add interest to any summer table setting. Watch to see ways to get the most out of your summer floral displays.

  • Blooming display

    Flowers set the tone of this fresh scene anchored by a sweet floral tablecloth. Blooming tulips burst out of a pitcher. An elegant tiered cake stand works perfectly for simple treats like scones.

  • Juicy decor

    Colorful nectarines and plump berries delight guests. Blush roses and spring green figs complement the pink and green plates.

  • Citrus scheme

    Using colors of citrus fruit adds tang to a summer gathering. 

  • Sunny setting

    Scattered sunflowers seem to grow from a burlap-covered table. Green-and-brown tableware continue the earthy theme, while sky-blue jars hold candles.

  • Old-fashioned charm

    A wooden table is the essence of country charm, especially when topped with lilac and creamy tones. A simple eyelet tablecloth keeps the focus on the centerpiece of white tulips and purple lilacs spilling from a weathered planter.

  • Fruity fun

    Upgrade your lemonade with fruit! We infused two plain pitchers of lemonade with freshly cut lemons and an assortment of bright berries for added punch. Set out fresh fruit and sprigs of mint for a fun drink garnish.

  • Natural appeal

    Keep the ambience natural with elements such as a handsome wooden table topped with a natural-fiber tablecloth. A terra-cotta pot holds herbs. Freshly baked bread makes a mouthwatering centerpiece for this dinner party.

  • Afternoon delight

    This rose centerpiece mirrors the setting sun's pastel pinks, rich reds and buttercup yellows. A sprig of fresh thyme adds a hint of green against the rose and white striped napkin and matching tablecloth.

  • Serene social

    For a quiet gathering of a few friends, set the mood with a mesmerizing floating display. Fill a wide saucer or cake pan with water and add dahlia blooms and votives. For additional drama, elevate the centerpiece by setting it on a kitchen trivet.

  • Bounty of blooms

    Combining fruit and flowers underscores nature's bounty, so fitting for an outdoor gathering. 

  • Sweet succulents

    Glass cloches highlight a dusty green succulent as a simple centerpiece. Delicate pink flowers in tiny tinted vases add to the sweet appeal.

  • Colorful kabobs

    Craft a fruit bouquet ripe for the picking. Use wooden skewers to pierce fresh fruit and arrange in colorful patterns. Guests will love the easy to eat, portable snacks.

  • Red, white and blue

    For a festive display, we love these fire-engine red bread pails lined with state maps. The buckets and Americana color scheme are perfect for a 4th of July bash. Add spice to simple blue place mats with striped ribbon. Red, white and blue lanterns add to the holiday mood.

  • Wine and dine

    Green glasses with white wine perfectly complement this table's elegant color scheme. For the centerpiece, a vintage watering can holds the leafy ivory hydrangeas. A homemade chandelier of candles and moss hangs above.

  • Variations on a theme

    Clear glass vases in different sizes and shapes contain different blooms in the same hue. The staggered height and bloom placement continues the variation on a theme. 

  • Sunny outlook

    Elevating food and drink above the table draws eyes up—a subtle a lift to the spirit of an event. The sunny yellow and sky blue of the dishware underscore the happy mood. 

  • Floating bouquet

    A kaleidoscope of blooms orbit around a single white candle in this portable floral night light. Fill a large galvanized bucket with water and arrange flowers with moss as the filler.

  • Coupled colors

    Fresh pink flowers mimic the color of refreshing watermelon slices at this picturesque garden party. Highlight the natural beauty of sweet tea with a glass carafe to show off the caramel color in the sun.

  • Sunny centerpiece

    A loaf of bread makes a unique pot, while a handle of fresh rosemary provides a hint of green and a delightful fragrance. Fill with sunflowers or other large blooming flowers.

  • Daises and denim

    Dark blue denim serves as a table runner for this casual dinner. Terra cotta pots hold chimneys and candles that seem to grow from the pebbles. Tiny pots of daisies sit atop individual plates.

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