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How to Make a Garden Chandelier

Light up your garden with a beautiful chandelier of Mason jars, flowers and a recycled base.
  • Garden chandelier

    To start this project, you'll need to find a base for your chandelier. We used the basket from an industrial dishwasher, but you can use just about any shallow tray, pan or basket. Look for a base at flea markets—or even in the corner of your garage.

  • Step 1: Gather materials

    You’ll need 12 quart-size canning jars along with 12 votive candles; a bag of sheet moss; a 6-inch-wide flowerpot without a drainage hole; four 3-foot lengths of link chain; 4 small threaded chain connectors along with 1 large one; 2 feet of heavy-duty rope; a tray, pan or basket that’s about 2 feet in diameter; and a 5-pound bag of birdseed.

  • Step 2: Connect chain to your basket

    Connect an end of one length of chain to one small threaded chain connector. Secure the connector to your basket. Repeat this step with the three remaining lengths of chain and the three small threaded chain connectors.

  • Step 3: Connect chains together

    Connect the four chains together above the basket using the large threaded chain connector.

  • Step 4: Tie rope

    Next, securely tie your rope to the large threaded chain connector. When the chandelier is finished, the rope will suspend the fixture from a branch or beam.

  • Step 5: Line basket with moss

    After gently moving the chains to the outside of the basket, line the interior of the basket with a layer of sheet moss.

  • Step 6: Place jars

    Place the canning jars around the edge of the basket, and tuck small pieces of sheet moss between them for stabilization. 

  • Step 7: Fill the jars

    Place the flowerpot in the center, filling it with a fresh arrangement. Finish your chandelier by filling the canning jars one-quarter full of birdseed, placing a votive candle in each one.

  • Step 8: Hang your chandelier

    It’s time to hang the chandelier, light the candles and enjoy the glow!

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