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15 Ideas for Shelf Displays

Restyle a cluttered shelf with these tips for arranging and organizing books and other accessories.

Personalized shelves

Label shelves so each family member can show off their style and personality.

DIY shelves

Stack benches to create unique shelves, perfect for rustic accessories such as our collection of watering cans or old books.

Cooking nook

Keep specialized books where you'll need them most. We stashed our favorite cookbooks on a small kitchen shelf and added accessories that complement the room's colors.

Artfully arranged

If storage is not an issue, skip a purely practical bookcase and arrange a few themed items. Use coordinating colors, sentimental objects and some books for an artistic vignette.

Show off collectibles

These kitchen shelves offer both storage and a decorative display for the homeowner's 400-piece pottery collection, arranged by color and style.

Office decor

Shelves in this home office combine practical storage with attractive art pieces. Lower cubbies keep paper products within easy reach.

Traditional display

A geometrical grouping of portraits and formal furniture sets the tone for a traditional bookcase. Books stacked horizontally, vertically and at an angle mix with a few accessories in dark colors for a subdued, formal look.

Cascading colors

Create a rainbow of reading and make a statement by color-coding your shelf. If you don't have a complete rainbow, stop by a local library sale to find the missing hues.

Extra, extra

Use books as a pedestal for ceramics or vases. We added two books under the smaller dish on the second shelf.

Wrapped up

Bold color backgrounds call for clean, simple lines. Wrap books in brown packing paper for a warm, uniform scheme.

Eclectic corner

Display your favorite plants, photos or collectibles alongside books for a pleasingly eclectic look.

Full effect

Incorporate the room's theme into the shelves. Crisp white bookshelves are in keeping with the light and airy feel of this space. Favorite seashells adorn the top shelves; matching baskets and boxes organize items on the lower shelves.

Color and whimsy

Bright yellow accents and fun pieces such as owl bookends add to the visual appeal of this dark bookshelf.

Light it up

Illuminate your favorite books or collectibles with track lighting.

Corner bookcase

Bookshelves behind couches offer reachable reads. The globe collection on the top adds a fun touch to the book-heavy shelves.

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