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20 Ideas for Storage with Baskets and Bins

No matter where you put containers—in cubbies, on shelves, under furniture—they store tons of stuff while adding charm to your decor. Here are 20 ways to use them.
  • Kitchen aid

    Baskets add a tidy look to these kitchen shelves and counter. Use baskets to organize items you need often but don't want on display.

  • Crafty solution

    Baskets filling a wall of cubbies stow everything needed for various crafts.

  • Clean up

    Brightly colored baskets contain bathroom supplies in savvy storage.

  • Lovely liners

    Pretty gingham liners brighten baskets under a coffee table—the perfect spot for games, DVDs and other entertainment needs. Note the shelves of clear plastic boxes that hold art supplies.

  • Back door drop

    Two metal buckets corral incoming and outgoing mail. A tall basket keeps flip-flops together. High shelves hold baskets of seasonal gear out of the way.

  • Clearly organized

    A window seat becomes storage when three bright baskets keep toys and books out of the way.

  • Pet project

    Keep pet gear in one spot with baskets on a bench where you sit to get ready to walk the dog!

  • Sunroom storage

    In the sunroom of this Michigan home, a 14-foot window seat’s cubby baskets, customized with graphic numbers from the hardware store, offer ample storage for items like board games and books.

  • Picture perfect

    Hanging units clear floor space. Photo labels make putting toys away easy. 

  • Put a shine on it

    Filling shelves with silver sliders and a case adds panache.

  • Clean lines

    The white containers in this freestanding unit contribute to its pristine look.

  • Bright boxes

    Dining room supplies don’t mar the cheeriness of this setting.

  • Pantry organizer

    Tall baskets conceal pantry goods. Handles make getting items easier.

  • Collected look

    A variety of containers not only store goods but contribute to the fun and funky look in this living room.

  • Add punch

    Storage doesn’t have to be sedate. Here a mix of material and colors makes for a bold look. 

  • Bedside bins

    A shelf on a bench at the foot of the bed holds blankets and other nighttime necessities.

  • Seasonal solution

    Keep seasonal items out of the way in baskets that also contribute to your home’s decor.

  • Lovely linens

    Labeled hampers mean linens get stored and transported in one container. 

  • Top of the class

    Two large baskets under a sofa table not only add storage but also class to this lovely living room.

  • Space warmer

    A defunct fireplace becomes storage with the addition of shelves and a few baskets and totes.

  • Basic look

    Baskets at the base of the entertainment center keep the look airy while corralling DVDs. 

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kterragno1 wrote:
Can anyone tell me where the sofa table in this 'Top of the Class' picture is from?
dem534 wrote:
Is that a painted white dresser without drawers cut wood placed where you want shelves inside?
dem534 wrote:
In the pic of backdoor storage

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