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2009 Idea Home: Before the Remodel

See what our Chicago-area house looked like before a top-to-bottom remodeling.

Front exterior

As more siding was removed, the home's original architecture comes into view.

Exterior with original siding

When the white siding was removed it revealed the original cladding, probably dating back to the home's construction in 1902.

Rear exterior with original siding

At the back of the house, this photo shows the white siding removed and the exterior stair that was used when the building was a two-flat home.

Front exterior

As more siding was removed, the home's original architecture comes into view.

Main level during demolition

To get the transformation rolling, we gutted the house right down to the studs. This image shows the main floor, looking toward the back of the house.

Upper level during demolition

Looking toward back of house, this demolition photo shows the area that was the bathroom.

Hidden staircase

Years ago, when the home was remodeled into two separate living spaces, this stairway was enclosed and hidden.

Upper level sunroom

This sunroom will become part of the new master bedroom.

Sunroom with drywall

With new windows, a door and drywall, the master bedroom sunroom starts to reveal its future airy attitude.

New windows in the front

The small bay at the front of the house gets a charm boost from new windows.

Cabinets arrive

It was an exciting day when the new kitchen cabinetry arrived. In this photo you can see that the main level is completely reworked and reclad in fresh drywall. The new stone fireplace is visible in the background.


A wrap of fresh insulation is one of the updates that make this home ready for its next 100 years.

Renewed exterior

The home's new personality starts to emerge with new siding, windows, front door and foundation stone.

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