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Ideal Getaway Cottage

Even if a vacation cottage has to remain in your dreams, you can design a retreat feel in your everyday home. Our senior home editor's vision for a 600-square-foot cottage full of nature-inspired materials and outdoor connections will inspire you to create a getaway, wherever you live.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

In a tight space, mobility can be a plus. Cabinets on casters can move from room to room, depending on the need.

Screen Porch

A screen porch is a must in this Midwest retreat. A daybed invites catnaps. A tree-branch lamp, tree-trunk table and collected bits of flora and fauna set a natural design theme.

The Barn

Stone, barn board and corrugated metal cover the walls of the barn. The rustic-looking materials are all new or faux products that can bring an aged feel to any home. A large work/eat island offers extra storage and is flanked by a contemporary take on the Windsor chair.

The Cooking Wall

The cooking wall has expansive countertop work areas. Deep drawers in the lower cabinets eliminate the need for upper cabinetry.

The Kitchen

Transoms in the kitchen let breezes and light flow freely between porch and bath spaces on either side.

Kitchen Sink

A carved drainboard in the limestone-look, solid-surface countertop creates an area handy for rinsing produce. Old farm sinks inspired the drainboard and the deep, apron-front stainless steel sink combo, which can handle nonkitchen chores such as potting flowers.

Kitchen Storage Unit

A clever, 15-inch-deep storage unit with roll-up metal door saves countertop space by tucking between wall studs, just deep enough for glassware and mugs.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

In a tight space, mobility can be a plus. Cabinets on casters can move from room to room, depending on the need.

The Shower

A floor-to-ceiling, three-pane window separates the bath from the corrugated-metal outdoor shower, where bathing under the sun beckons. On the inside of the bath window, Levolor PanelTrac panels offer privacy.

Daybed Storage

Metal-look Thermofoil cabinets offer storage and a base for the daybed on the screen porch. A drawer with a wood pull-out tray makes a handy side table.

Kitchen Cabinets and Lighting

The kitchen's inside-cabinet lighting shows off dishware behind screened glass. When the lights are off, the dishes seem to disappear. Undercabinet lights illuminate work surfaces and the backsplash, as well as framed art.

The Trough

A backsplash, wall faucet and carved counter offer a new take on an old farm idea: the trough. A slanted area in the counter directs water down to the modern silver "trough" below. A simple closet mirror hung horizontally and framed with raw cedar looks expensive.

The Bath

Bins over the tub offer bath storage, and a ladder and hollowed root vase hold towels. A handmade pot holder rug fits the rural theme.

Entry Nook

Outside, opposite the shower, a back entry nook has room for a free-form wooden bench and plenty of hooks for paraphernalia necessary for a weekend visit with nature.

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