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30 Comfortable Family Rooms

These casual family rooms illustrate many style options—all designed for relaxing. Browse through our photos to find ideas for decorating your family space!
  • Relaxed feel

    Comfy chairs, an upholstered ottoman and a brick fireplace all suggest a relaxing place to read or chat. The warm palette of brown, brick red and gold enhances the coziness of the room.

  • Barn charm

    Pegged, mortise-and-tenon joinery connects the interior of this Ohio home to barns of the past.

  • Gorgeous garage

    Stone walls, beamed ceilings and slate flooring transformed a former two-car garage into a knockout family room. Four roomy woven wicker chairs create a conversation area. The TV is inside the antique armoire.

  • Old-fashioned ease

    This casual, English country-inspired family room achieves a sense of the past with decorative items such as needlepoint pillows, a rug-upholstered ottoman/coffee table, slipcovered seating, vintage art and a Dutch door. All promote the feel of a more relaxed time. Electronics are housed in a cabinet across from the fireplace.

  • Hidden function

    Built-in custom cabinetry above and beside the fireplace hides the TV and any clutter. The soothing color scheme includes grays, tans, creams and wood tones under a wood ceiling. An open table serves as a desk and divides the kitchen area from this sophisticated family room.

  • Vintage charm

    Wisconsin homeowners built vintage charm into their new vacation home by using local building materials. Stones excavated from the property were used to construct the fireplace, and all the timber used—in beams, walls, exposed rafters and interior walls—was harvested within 30 miles of the home.

  • A new angle

    An angled furniture grouping anchors this lower-level townhouse family room. The console table against the wall acts as a bar for entertaining, while the large woven coffee table offers plenty of room for serving informal snacks. Side chairs and the ottoman can be turned toward the entertainment center. A large mirror reflects light and visually enlarges the space.

  • All in the family

    A large sectional offers seating for the whole family in this TV room (the entertainment center is along the opposite wall). An equally big coffee table accommodates entertaining, games or stacks of magazines. On the walls, sizable nature prints reflect the scale of the furniture.

  • Vivid color

    Red walls and a framed-in window brighten this basement family room. Green leaf art, leopard-print pillows and rugs, and a bamboo coffee table add energy to the space.

  • Modern country

    Oversize rural antiques, such as the tobacco basket, pitchfork and folded quilt, emphasize the country feel in this family room. Built-in bookcases and a ledge behind the sofa add interesting display and storage space. Leather swivel chairs can face the conversation area or turn to face the TV (the entertainment center is across from the sofa). Ottomans can be used as seating or foot rests.

  • Subdued hues

    This garden basement family room benefits from the warm tones of wood, leather and grayish-blue upholstery and paint. Electronics are hidden in the armoire. Deep windowsills show off a collection of old wood wheels and machine parts; shades darken the room for movie watching. Same-style sofas are upholstered in two different fabrics with flip-flopped pillows.

  • A hobby room

    These homeowners transformed a fireplace wall with built-in cubes that display their vintage radio collection. Multihue pillows and the area rug echo the square pattern. Black provides a striking background for the colorful pieces.

  • Inspired by nature

    Large windows, paneling and a coffered ceiling make this casual room seem like anything but a typical basement. The colors of leaves and wood define the decor of this space. Two seating areas allow family and guests to gather either around the fireplace or a home theater. See the next slide for the theater area.

  • More natural style

    Built-in cabinetry houses electronics in one of two seating areas in this bright basement family room. Natural materials, shapes and colors bring the outside in.

  • Warm rustic style

    The family room reflects its farmhouse inspiration with rustic beams, a hayloft window and a paneled, vaulted ceiling. Solid-color upholstery gets a punch from a country-colored and patterned throw, quilt and rug.

  • Youthful energy

    Playful polka dots on the focal point rug repeat on a lampshade, while colorful art adds to the fun. Inexpensive furnishings and curtain panels complete this energetic space, designed for a young family.

  • Bold style

    Rich brown walls, a lime-green-painted TV/armoire and an oversize piece of art make this room memorable. Slipcovers on seating can be easily removed for cleaning. To divide the room from the neighboring kitchen, the homeowners built a long bookcase topped with interior windows.

  • Artistic license

    An unusual arrangement of simple art pieces on the wall and ledge creates the focal point of this family room. The sofa also gets an interesting two-tone fabric treatment. Lightly sanded plywood adds an inexpensive, subtle wood grain pattern to the walls. The entertainment center is out of the photo to the right.

  • Suburban update

    White paint updates stock built-in cabinetry in this suburban family room. The color not only lightens the room it also makes the fireplace area more of a focal point, especially with the addition of a black-and-white piece of art.

  • Color inspiration

    One distinctive item, such as a piece of art, rug or pillow, can influence an entire room's color scheme. Here, the painting over the mantel inspired the color choices. A wall of white built-in cabinetry hides the TV and clutter for a serene vibe.

  • Smooth neutrals

    A neutral color palette allows the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace to be a focal point without overwhelming this room. The large square leather ottoman serves as a coffee table, while the muted striped rug adds a touch of pattern.

  • Symmetry rules

    A balanced arrangement works especially well when you have a direct view toward a fireplace. Here, the bookcases, sofas and even the jars on the mantel are all placed symmetrically. The painted bookcase backs pick up the color of the green mantel jars.

  • Beach style

    Transport your family to a soothing getaway in your home. Stripe motifs, a shell-encrusted mirror, vinyl floor cloth and wicker furnishings create a beach atmosphere. Overstuffed cushions and throw pillows invite lounging.

  • Nautical feel

    Dark brown rattan chairs with navy cushions set the stage for a family room where a sharp contrast between dark and light offers a crisp look. A barrel ceiling and white board paneling add texture and detail.

  • Classic blue and white

    A crisp white kitchen extends into a white-walled family room, where the furniture and rug provide blue accents. To bring the blue up the walls, the homeowners hung blue-tone art and painted the backs of the bookcases. Furniture is pulled away from walls to form a cozy grouping around the fireplace and TV.

  • Multifunction spaces

    This large room accommodates a variety of family interests. Two tables-in addition to the dining table-can be used for entertaining, games, puzzles, paying bills or other activities. Lightweight wicker chairs and small cube tables can be easily moved from one area to another.

  • Unique chic

    Using an assortment of cabinet sizes and configurations, this homeowner created a one-of-a-kind storage unit for his TV. The clean-lined flat-panel doors and two-tone finish complement the modern interior. Asymmetry and an eggplant color scheme also emphasize the contemporary look.

  • Patriotic display

    In this big family room, a vintage battleship flag grounds the space and sets the tone for a red-and-blue color scheme. In keeping with the theme, the large sectional and leather chairs sport star pillows.

  • Traditional organization

    Sofas and chairs form a symmetrical arrangement around a freestanding three-piece entertainment unit, a common furniture option that provides plenty of space for TV, DVDs, books and more.

  • Collectors' space

    Art and other collected items stand out against an off-white background in this snug room. Tall, narrow bookcases frame the window, offering both storage and display space. Nesting tables can be pulled out when needed. Soft-color striped chairs echo hues in the art; a bold-patterned rug anchors the grouping.

  • Country redo

    New cabinets on either side of an old fireplace house the TV on one side and games on the other, keeping this room organized and neat. A variety of seating options suits both adults and teens. Folk art collections stand out against the off-white walls.

  • Book lover's dream

    A wall of shelves takes up little floor space in this room but allows for a neat arrangement of the owners' large book collection. The long, low coffee table accommodates more books, while comfy sofas invite curling up with a favorite read.

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