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10 Indoor Crafts Projects

Snowy days are perfect for indoor projects. Make a quilted cup warmer, create a no-sew pillow, paint a lampshade -- even dress up a pair of winter boots.
  • Make cup warmers

    Sweeten your morning with a cute stitched cup warmer like the ones pictured here. Get instructions and patterns for making this project by clicking on the link below to our sister site allpeoplequilt.com.

    Cup warmer instructions

  • Craft a wintry woods tabletop

    A pine forest inspired this seasonal table setting, made from felt. Get instructions and more ideas for felt projects by clicking the link below.

    Felt projects

  • Create a winter colors wreath

    Create a winter wreath with your favorite materials and crafts foam.

    To start, cover a 10- to 12-inch foam ring with white cotton batting. Hot-glue on materials you have on hand or find at crafts stores. We used snowflake ornaments, ribbon, pinecones and branches, mittens, icicle garland, and silver-painted leaves and berries.

  • Make ribbon accents

    Boost the creativity of your basic home accessories -- pillows, curtains and lampshades -- by adding ribbons in vibrant, happy colors.

    The key to quick and easy ribbon application? Use no-sew crafting supplies, such as iron-on hem tape or fabric glue.

  • Add furniture flash

    Dress up a dresser, headboard or any wood furnishing that needs a touch of flash by adding jewellike nailheads. Our focal point buffet started as a bargain chinoiserie with flat door fronts -- blank slates for applying ornamentation.

    Nailhead instructions and pattern

  • Bedeck worn-out boots

    Have a pair of winter boots you don't wear? Dress them up with twigs, greens and ribbon for a welcoming display.

    To protect boots, line with plastic bags. Add rocks in the foot to keep the boots from tipping. Insert twigs and small evergreen branches. Tie ribbon around each boot, tucking a sprig of evergreen in the bow.

  • Paint a lampshade

    Turn a ho-hum lamp into a one-of-a-kind find with a quick and easy paint update.

    Paint or stencil the shade using acrylic crafts paints, and it instantly becomes an original that matches your decor perfectly. Or stick with a solid-color lampshade and spray-paint the base for an easy update.

  • Dress up fruit

    An easy centerpiece starts with a bowl of fruit. Add tabletop flair to apples by inserting bronze brads (available at crafts stores) in a variety of patterns.

  • Stencil a floor covering

    Give your floor a boost by using paint and stencils to create a personalized floorcloth.

    Start with a remnant of vinyl floor covering in the desired size -- the backside makes a perfect surface for a floorcloth. Prime the back of the vinyl, apply the background paint color and then the stenciled designs. For a big floor covering like this, a combination of large and small stencils creates an interesting pattern with plenty of white space that doesn't detract from the room's other accessories.

  • Embellish a headboard

    Give your existing headboard more oomph by gluing on trimwork and then painting the whole thing a bright new color.

    More headboard projects

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