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20 Stylish Shelf Solutions

Shelves are versatile ways to gain storage in your home.

No nightstand?

No worries. Just hang a shelf bedside. Dreamy molding adds easy personality.

Tight-area solutions

Because they are easily cut to size, shelves add storage in awkward spots. Squeeze them in any little nook -- between cabinets, under stairs, in odd angles.

Bright spots

This unit is the perfect height for under a window, but simple shelves attached to the wall would work as well.

Stylish substitute

Salvaged and repainted shelves in the kitchen are an economical substitute for upper cabinets.

Spicy spots

This 4-inch-deep built-in spice rack tucks between the bottom of upper cabinets and the counter. Label the lids for ease.

Decorative display

Crown your wall covering with a row of shelves designed to complement decorative elements that you don't need often—except for the charm they add!

Skirt the issue

This tropical-punch unit makes a great outdoor bar. The skirt conceals barware that doesn't deserve to be on display.

Hot style

A marble slab tops a radiator for much-needed storage in a bathroom. It is pretty and practical.

Sunshiny view

A simple shelf adds country charm without blocking sunny views. Need a place to grow herbs to snip for cooking? Perch the pots in front of a window.

Neat niche

A niche in an alcove keeps cooking needs at hand. Slip one or two between wall studs.

No nightstand?

No worries. Just hang a shelf bedside. Dreamy molding adds easy personality.

Lend a hand

A wooden dowel hung between brackets creates a handy spot for a hand towel above a bathroom sink.

Wow your walls

A wall of shelves equals a vast amount of storage. Break it up with a mix of items: art, books, vases, photos.

Clearly impressive

Lots of tile in a kitchen or bathroom doesn't mean you can't add storage. These clean-lined brackets support glass shelves that clearly add style and function.

Get some get up and go

Hanging shelves above a small part of kitchen real estate makes for a breakfast or coffee station.

Freeing possibilities

A wrought-iron rack adds storage and country charm. The black and wood pop in the white decor.

Attic bedroom storage

Shelves built into the eaves maximize storage in an attic bedroom.

Salvage space

Purchased units are great, but so are salvage pieces. Here, an antique files away papers. Different kinds of shelves combine for practical and visually interesting storage.

Punchy rows

Brightened with wallpaper and bold color, these plate rails are attached to the wall like a shelving unit, supplying stylish storage.

Down low

A base cabinet doesn't need doors. Leave it open for easy access.


This former bookcase now works as a pantry positioned as a transitional element between kitchen and eating area.

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