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Room Arrangements for Awkward Spaces

Using smart floor planning to tame spaces in your home that seem too narrow, too boxy, too cramped or just plain awkward.
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Split Focus

The Problems

Traffic travels between the doorways, dividing the room into two separate conversation areas. The arrangement is static and doesn't take advantage of the view out the window.

The Solutions

Slide your main conversation grouping, the sofa and club chairs, over by the picture window for a better view. Place the sofa perpendicular to the window so that it blocks neither the window nor access to the other side of the room. Across the room, float a single chair in the corner for solo pursuits. It can also be easily pulled into conversation. For balance, move the game table to the corner opposite the sofa. The game chairs can also be rotated and pulled in to join the sofa. For details, scroll down below the plan.

1. Slide a table behind the sofa to hold a lamp and to center the sofa and chairs by the window. 2. Reserve the center of the room as a walkway for traffic. Keeping it obstacle-free. 3. Angle a chair by the electronics cabinet for quiet enjoyment. Provide a lamp for reading. 4. Angle the chairs for closer conversation. The lamp balances other light sources in the room. 5. Drop a large rug between the sofa and chairs to soften and define the conversation area. 6. Balance the room's weight by sliding the table to the opposite corner of the sofa.

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