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Room Arrangements for Awkward Spaces

Using smart floor planning to tame spaces in your home that seem too narrow, too boxy, too cramped or just plain awkward.


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Nooks and Crannies

The Problems

This room is plagued by bump-outs and awkward niches. Plus, having an opening on every wall leaves limited wall space for placing furniture. The fireplace is off-center and battles the bay window for focal-point status.

The Solutions

Create vertical lines to lift the eye and give the illusion of more space. Tall furniture can build height and fill the corners of the room. For instance, slip a bookcase next to an off-kilter fireplace and offset a large window with a corner cabinet and room-softening plants. Make use of narrow bump-out spaces with filler tables for display or storage. Pull seating pieces away from small walls and snuggle them together for coziness. Finally, highlight the room's good qualities with light. For details, scroll down below the plan.

1. Add built-in or freestanding bookcases to fill fragments of space and offer more storage. 2. Slide the coffee table in front of the chairs and out of the way of traffic entering the room. 3. Pull the sofa close to the chairs. A sofa table fills the niche and holds a task lamp. 4. Put a corner to good use and balance the room's vertical openings with a tall cabinet. 5. Separate chairs with a large round table to loosen a grouping and allow in more light. 6. A tree or a cluster of tall plants joins the corner cabinet in framing the large window.


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