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Room Arrangements for Awkward Spaces

Using smart floor planning to tame spaces in your home that seem too narrow, too boxy, too cramped or just plain awkward.


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The Big Box

The Problems

This room has the appearance of a large, empty box with the furniture pushed up against the walls. With the chair backs against the railing, conversation is closed off between guests in this room and those in the kitchen. The seating is limited, leaving a lot of wasted space. Yet, the sofa and chair crowd the walkway into the room.

The Solutions

Create the illusion of a cozier space by bringing the upholstery pieces closer together. Offer your guests more seating options for reading, enjoying the fire, or chatting. Leave the railing area and the entrance into the room more visually open to encourage the blending of conversation between guests in both rooms. For details, scroll down below the plan.

1. Slide the game table into the corner so it is somewhat removed from the sitting area. 2. Toss a large area rug on the floor to bridge the gap between seating pieces. 3. Snuggled up to the fire for quiet reading, a chair is still within reach of the conversation area. 4. Slide a table behind the sofa and top it with a lamp to balance the room's lighting. 5. Make the room more inviting and accessible to your guests by leaving the walkway open. 6. Surround a coffee table with furniture to include it in the group instead of floating alone. 7. Provide more seating by adding a love seat, or change to a wraparound sectional. 8. Soften a corner's hard edges and build up some visual height behind the sofa with a tree.


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