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10 Ways to Perfect a Powder Room

Because it's small and doesn't have moisture issues like other bathrooms, you can upscale a petite guest bath without breaking your budget.
  • Replace your sink

    There's no excuse for a boring sink in this room. At every price point, you can find all-in-one pedestals, stylish countertop vessels or space-saving wall-hung options (even miniscule corner sinks for the tiniest space).

    Trend-forward basins come in unique materials, such as metal, marble, glass, organic stone and even petrified wood. Because this bath doesn't get a lot of use, you can install materials here that you would never consider for daily-use bathrooms. Wear and tear will be minimal, of course, so upkeep of stylish (but possibly less waterproof) materials will be a breeze.

  • Add furniture

    Usually you can at least tuck in a narrow parsons table, a mini bookshelf or a couple of wall shelves here. Any of these make the room feel less bathroom-y and more furnished, and give you a place to display personal accessories.

  • Change your vanity base

    Select a furniture-look cabinet or pedestal to fit your style and define the decor. For instance, a fabric-skirted treatment says cottage. For an upscale traditional look, try a mirrored base cabinet. Go modern with a sleek leg style or organic with a live-edge wood top. Or get creative by converting a piece of vintage furniture or covering an old vanity with glued-on seashells.

  • Cover the walls

    Overscale wallpaper or bold paint colors work here because of the "confined" wall area. You can make a statement in this room you might be hesitant to make in a larger room.

    Limited wall space means expensive designer wallpaper or a professionally done custom faux wall treatment is affordable. You can also safely use fabric or grass cloth because there are no worries about moisture.

  • Resurface the floor

    This compact area requires less material, meaning relatively little cost. Try premium wood, mini tile patterns or exotic laminate looks.

  • Upscale or upsize the mirror

    Choose a decorative mirror with a unique frame, shape, size or finish for star power. Or cover an entire wall with one sheet mirror to visually expand the space.

  • Accent with tile

    You'll need less tile, so pop for a more expensive version to get a one-of-a-kind, designer look. Create a custom backsplash or embellish a wall.

  • Freshen a faucet

    Options such as wall-mounts, single handles, high arc or waterfall offer new looks. Or just choose a different finish. If you coordinate to the existing faucet hole configuration, replacement is a weekend do-it-yourself project.

  • Update lighting

    Reflect the overall style and finishes of other design elements in the room when replacing lighting. Choices abound for over-the-mirror fixtures. A ceiling mount begs for a pretty mini chandelier, and sensuous sconces flanking the mirror can add stand-out style. Use low-watt bulbs, dimmers or accent lamps on the counter to create a soft, flattering ambience for guests.

  • Accessorize

    Choose luxurious towels and smart towel bars and rings. Showcase a small collection of perfume bottles or other items on shelves. Hang collected art or family photos. Group pretty amenities, such as candles, soaps, embossed paper hand towels, a water glass, and a plant or vase of flowers, on a stylish tray.

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