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Makeover Magic: 4 Stylish Redos

We teamed with Pella Windows and Doors to give four rooms a stylish new outlook using paint, wallpaper, furnishings—plus windows that enhance the decor and the view.
  • Circle of light (before)

    This dining space is functional but lacks character and color.

  • Circle of light (after)

    A 30-inch round window with boldly painted trim gives this ordinary dining room a striking focal point. Wallpaper-backed built-in shelves further emphasize the casually elegant scheme and provide much-needed storage for entertaining wares and books.

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  • Natural connection (before)

    Neutral tones on the walls and furnishings, as well as an awkwardly placed door, create a bland family room.

  • Natural connection (after)

    Wood-look wallpaper and weathered textures warm this family room, their rustic tendencies tempered by gold accents. New in-swing patio doors usher in more of the outside. Decorative barn doors double as a window treatment, sliding closed for privacy.

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  • Glass art (before)

    While this bedroom is bright and sunny, there’s nothing distinctive to make it a welcoming space.

  • Glass art (after)

    This bedroom gets its makeover wow factor from a trio of 25-inch-square casement windows banded together like art. Just remember that every window has two sides. Be sure to consider how new window designs will look from your home’s exterior, as well. 

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  • View finder (before)

    The window in this home office is too small and high to offer a view.

  • View finder (after)

    Scandinavian cottage style inspired this light-filled office makeover. Above the desk, casement windows and transoms built as one unit continue the crisp wainscoting lines and nearly double the view. (Order Pella’s snap-in-place, between-the-glass shades or blinds for sleek light control.)

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  • Window shopping

    Know before you buy:

    Custom vs. standard Special-order windows are the way to go if you need irregular sizes, but stock selections save money and are readily available.

    The right style Windows should complement your home’s architecture. (Think double-hungs for a farmhouse or casements for a ranch-style home.) 

    Material matters Pick from wood, vinyl, clad, aluminum, composite or fiberglass. Each has pros and cons. For instance, wood is beautiful but requires regular painting. Vinyl is lower cost and lower maintenance, but it can crack. Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl and less costly than wood.

    Trade-offs Replacing a window with a different size means higher installation and finishing costs. But the new look may justify every cent.


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