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Quick and Easy Kitchen Backsplash Updates

Updating the backsplash behind your stove is a simple way to inject style into your kitchen.

Glass block

Let a little light in by installing glass block. Or prop up a mirror to reflect light around the room.


The most common material used for backsplashes can also be innovative. Just one focal piece tile adds spark; a whole new section makes the kitchen shine.


A coat of an accent color, a stencil pattern, or even a small mural adds drama. Try blackboard paint so you can post inspirational messages, menus or to-do lists. Sheets of glass protect this bold paint job.


Incorporating travel finds or antiques adds rustic personality. This 19th-century iron fireback, with the image of the Roman goddess Venus, could have been leaned against the tile for portability.

Add shine

Installing or propping up any sheet of shiny metal brightens the space. Tacking up a sheet of stainless steel means easy clean up and some sparkle.


Bright and bold, these stickers add whimsy. Change them out when a new mood strikes.

Prop up art

Inject your personality by propping up a piece of art -- folksy, modern, classic, any style works. Try putting kids' work behind glass for a treasured piece.


Adding a shelf means more space for cooking supplies and items that personalize your kitchen.


Even if there isn't marble anywhere else in your kitchen, a square here ups the class factor. You can install a large marble tile or lean a piece of salvage.

Glass block

Let a little light in by installing glass block. Or prop up a mirror to reflect light around the room.


A small section of brick or brick veneer adds down-home feel.

Place a platter

Hang a tole platter (pictured) or any serving piece -- china, silver, your dinnerware pattern.

Glass shelves

Keep sight lines clear but sneak in storage by installing glass shelves.


A window behind a stove adds light and brings in outdoor beauty. (Codes vary about rules on windows above stoves; check yours before installing.)

Beaded board

Painted beaded board adds charm to a homey kitchen.


Wooden cooking tools fill this spot with warmth. Here, a large cutting board and oven peel double the impact.


Distract the eye from a simple backsplash with a row of shiny pots. Or hang a collection of tinware, cake molds, stirrers or other cooking gear.

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