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How to Fashion a Perfect Posy

Bring some spring joy inside with a display of bright daffodils! Here's how to create the perfect bouquet.
  • Pretty posy

    Create a cheery bouquet of spring daffodils to brighten up any table.

  • Step 1: Gather materials

    Gather chenille-covered wires cut into four 3-inch pieces, scissors, two dozen daffodils and a glass vase. We used a rounded Italian canning jar.

  • Step 2: Group flowers

    Group six flowers in one hand and arrange the flowers with the blooms facing outward.

  • Step 3: Place wire

    Place one of the chenille-covered wires at the base of the flower heads.

  • Step 4: Twist wire

    Gently twist the wire to hold the stems together and support the flower heads.

  • Step 5: cut stems

    Cut the stems to fit the height of the jar. Ideally, the stems should be long enough to reach the jar’s bottom but short enough for the blooms to rest on the jar’s edge.

  • Step 6: Fill jar

    Continue filling the jar with your clusters of daffodils. We like to experiment with different combinations—an all-yellow bouquet, a duo of yellow and white blooms or a mix of varieties. 

  • Finished bouquet

    Step 7: Admire your bouquet

    Your finished bouquet shows off the daffodils’ simple stems and supports their gorgeous blooms. Remember to change the water daily to keep the bouquet fresh.

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