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How to Decorate with Color

Not sure whether to repaint a white wall brown—or whether yellow is really the right color for your kitchen? Check out our advice for how to decorate with white, gray, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange, green, yellow, brown and blue.
  • Decorating with yellow

    Yellow signals cheer and freshness, like early spring daffodils. It can brighten any room and lend a soft sunny aura or a make a bold color statement. Click here to see how yellow looks in our photos of living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dens.

  • Decorating with green

    Green and all its hues—including moss, emerald, pine, willow, charteuse, lime, olive, mint and forest—can add serenity, playfulness or elegance to a room. Click here to learn about decorating with green.

  • Decorating with white

    White is the go-to neutral in everyone's paint box. Though it goes with everything, it can also be bland. Click here for tips on how to use white without being boring!

  • Decorating with blue

    Blues evoke the restful feeling of sky and sea but can also add a welcome punch of bright color to your home. Click here to see how blues of different shades look in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, kitchens and more.

  • Decorating with brown

    Brown's neutral, earthy tones give rooms a familiar and comfortable feel. Click here to see how you can use brown paint in rooms throughout your home.

  • Decorating with gray

    Gray works as a background for any other color. Click here for tips on how gray can add warmth, sophistication or serenity to your rooms.

  • Decorating with red and orange

    Red and orange paints can add a dash of drama, energy or even restfulness to your home. Click here for ideas on adding red or orange to basements, living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Decorating with purple and pink

    Bold or soft, purple and pink add drama and romance to a room. Click here to see how we used purples and pinks in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

  • Decorating with bold color accents

    Unusual color placement—here, the newels and balusters—makes a great design statement. Use a bold hue, and you've got a power paint job. Click here for ideas on decorating with bold accents. 

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