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Happy Color Decor

Color sets a mood. It makes us feel good. These rooms will make you smile.
  • Painting Ideas

    Strie (Stripes): Small amounts of red and white paint on a pad are applied to the wall, starting at the top and then pulled to the base.

    Hand-Painting: An overhead projector can make writing freehand easier--just copy the image. In the bathroom (slide 10), the fleur de lis was penciled first, then filled in.

    Color Blending: Similar to sponging, except two shades of paint are applied with a "woolie" (paint pad with a handle) patted on the wall.

  • Guest Room

    Red walls rev up the guest room, but are balanced by the use of white in the room's accents, iron bed, bed cover, desk and drapery rods. A whitewashed bench adjacent to the bed doubles as a radiator cover. Colorful pillows in a variety of shapes and sizes add doses of yellow and blue, as do the drapery panels made of bright strips of fabrics sewn together.

  • Superefficient Closet

    Organize your closets to maximize your storage. This closet provides a spot to hang clothes on both sides of a center stack of drawers and shelves. The white open shelves contrast with the red walls, so this efficient closet looks as good as it works.

  • Built-In Ironing Board

    With an outlet in the cabinet, last-minute touch-ups take no time at all. A shelf stores a spray bottle.

  • London Shade

    Red-blue-and- yellow-striped fabric tops this window. A simple sheer panel lets light flow through, yet provides a bit of privacy. A narrow band at the top of the sheer is made from the striped fabric.

  • Built-In Hamper

    Just inside the door, a tilt-out hamper in the cabinetry keeps clothes handy, but hidden. The room's accent colors repeat on the hand-painted porcelain knobs.

  • Laundry Room

    Plenty of cabinets and work surface and a breezy blossom wallpaper sweeten the task of doing laundry. A custom bench covers the radiator and doubles as a window seat for you or your laundry items. Other amenities: a nearby sink for easy soaking or rinsing, and a shoulder-height bar for hanging just-ironed clothes.

  • Updated Vanity

    The skirt adds a bit of romance and hides the pipes. The fabric and the tassel relate the bathroom scheme to the colors, and matching tassels, in the other rooms. A new beveled mirror reflects light, helping the room seem larger.

  • New Look for an Old Window

    A white London shade topped with a colorful shirred border frames a window in the cozy bathroom. Marble tops the radiator to give much-needed shelf space. A trio of cobalt-blue vases filled with Gerbera daisies adds a simple burst of color.

  • Add Little Details

    When there isn't room for a towel bar, add a hook or two. The fleur de lis pattern was hand-painted.

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