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5 Budget DIY Decorating Ideas

Create a valance, lamp, wall art, plant holders and coffee table from inexpensive materials.

Out of the box

Get creative on a budget! Our easy DIY decor ideas rely on clever new uses for common items at your local big-box home center.

Pine shim valance

Nail pine shims to a simple boxed valance for this look. You'll only need a package or two. Or try wood paint stir sticks for a similar feel.

Wall art

Group balls of twine to create this 3-D wall art. Each ball hangs on a long nail driven into the wall (or into a sheet of painted plywood if you want fewer holes in the wall).

Post cap lamp

Drill a hole in the center of 15 wood fence post caps, then secure the stack using small nails. A lamp kit transforms it into a stylish fixture.

Plant holders

Simple white PVC plumbing parts act as clean-lined collars for potted plants.

Coffee table

Fill a galvanized tub with wood chips and birch branches, then top it with a glass table round for a relatively inexpensive, conversation-starting coffee table.

Change it out

Let your imagination loose! PVC plumbing parts can be pillar candleholders as well as potted plant containers. Add sand and shells to your display in the summer, pumpkins and gourds in the fall or a collection of colorful blankets or quilts in winter.

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